How To Add A Facebook Icon To Your YouTube Channel

add facebook icon to youtube

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How To Play Videos In Slow Motion On YouTube

play youtube videos in slow motion

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How To Share & Watch Private Videos On YouTube

watch private videos on youtube

Have you ever sent a private YouTube video to a friend and they were unable to view it? A private YouTube video can only be seen by you and the people that you select. It won’t appear on your channel or the search engine results therefore it will be invisible to other people. Here are […]

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How To Delete Your Channel On YouTube & Its Associated Google Plus Page

delete YouTube Channel & Google Plus page

If you’re like me you probably have several channels listed under your main YouTube channel. But what if you want to get rid of one of these channels? Here are the steps to delete your channel on YouTube and its associated Google Plus page:

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How To Change Your Channel Name On YouTube

change YouTube channel name

Creating a custom business name and URL for your YouTube channel helps with branding and makes it easy to remember rather than using a bunch of letters in your URL. Here are the steps to change your YouTube channel name: Watch this video..

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How To Clear Your Search History On YouTube

clear youtube search history

Did you know that YouTube saves your search history so it knows what videos to recommend you watch. YouTube not only tracks the videos you watch but tracks your search history. Let me show you how YouTube tracks the videos you’ve watched and therefore knows which videos to recommend. Watch this video..

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