How To Find The Traffic Sources Of Your Videos On YouTube

traffic sources youtube videos

Do you know what search terms or keywords people are using to find your videos on YouTube? If you videos appear on the first page of YouTube or Google you'll receive a continuous stream of free traffic. This is a great way to generate new … Continue reading...

How To Correctly Tag Videos On YouTube To Get More Views

tag youtube videos

If you want YouTube videos to rank well in the search results you need to optimize your tags with the right keywords. Properly optimized tags will get you get more views because your videos will appear in the search results as well as recommended … Continue reading...

How To Customize The Layout Of Your YouTube Channel

customize youtube channel layout

“What the heck happened to my YouTube Channel layout.. I don’t see any navigation links?” That’s what people have been asking since YouTube changed their channel layout feature. If you have a relatively new YouTube Channel you won’t see the navigation links under your channel banner. If you don’t customize the layout of your YouTube […]

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How To Find The Tags For Any YouTube Video

find youtube tags for any video

Do you want to be able to see the keywords that your competitors are using for their video tags? For many years you could view the tags of any YouTube video directly below it’s description. Back in 2012 YouTube removed the tags from view because they were being abused. Even though video tags are hidden […]

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YouTube Keyword Tool Alternative For Finding Buyer Keywords

alternative youtube keyword tool

Do you want people to find your YouTube videos on YouTube and Google? If your videos appear on the first page of YouTube and/or Google you’ll receive traffic you don’t have to pay for. Multiple videos have the potential to generate multiple streams of traffic on a continuous basis. It all begins with targeting the […]

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How To Use Google Analytics For YouTube And Know Where Your Traffic Is Coming From

google analytics for youtube

Do you want to get in-depth information about your YouTube’s Channel performance? Do you want to know where your traffic is coming from? Do you want to know what keywords people searching for in Google that leads them to your YouTube channel? By connecting Google Analytics with your YouTube account you’ll be able to track […]

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Top 4 YouTube Keyword Research Mistakes And How To Avoid Them

top 4 mistakes youtube keyword research

Do you spend a lot of time making videos that don’t generate any traffic? If you target the wrong keywords then no one will find your videos on YouTube or Google. YouTube Keyword Research is the foundation for creating successful videos. Here are the top 4 mistakes to avoid when doing YouTube Keyword Research 1. […]

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The 4 Most Important Rules Of YouTube Keyword Research

top 4 rules youtube keyword research

Did you know that targeting the right keywords in your YouTube videos will result in free traffic? If your video ranks on the first page of YouTube and/or Google you’ll receive a continuous stream of free traffic. Here are the 4 most important rules of YouTube Keyword Research: Watch the video below… 1. Discoverability Maximize […]

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Thrive Headline Optimizer Case Study And Demo – How To Automatically Test 2 Different Blog Post Headlines

thrive headline optimizer case study

TRANSCRIPT So after you’ve installed and activated the plugin you can go to your WordPress dashboard to view your headline stats or test different headlines for a new blog post. Click on thrive dashboard and you’ll see the icon of the thrive headline optimizer. If I want to view the stats of my case study […]

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Thrive Headline Optimizer Review – Get More Attention, More Clicks And More Comments On Autopilot

thrive headline optimizer review

Good headlines get attention. Good headlines get clicks. Headlines determine the success or failure of your content more than any other factor. The Thrive headline optimizer is the most effective, most statistically robust WordPress plugin. It allows you to test your headlines like the most successful websites do on your very own website. Watch the […]

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