How To Find Your Niche On YouTube – Top 7 Ways

ow to find your niche on youtube

Are you struggling to find your niche amongst the millions of channels on YouTube? You may think it’s best to create videos on a large variety of topics to appeal to the largest audience so you can get a ton of views and subscribers. The only … Continue reading...

How To Identify Your Passion On YouTube And Start A YouTube Channel

identify your passion

Have you ever had a job that you had no interest in? Maybe it paid well, but you had little or no interest in it. For example I lost interest after working 5 years as a science technician after college so I decided to quit and travel the … Continue reading...

21 YouTube Mistakes To Avoid And How To Fix Them

youtube mistakes

When starting or growing a YouTube channel you make mistakes that waste you or your viewers time. These mistakes can easily be avoided if you know what to look out for. Watch the video below Click Here To Subscribe To My YouTube Channel Mindset Mistakes 1. Unclear purpose If you aren’t clear about why you […]

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How To Grow Your YouTube Channel FAST

how to grow your youtube channel fast

Do you want to generate free traffic on autopilot? Over 4 billion YouTube videos are viewed every day and YouTube is the second largest search engine after Google. So if you want to generate traffic to your product or business FAST you definitely should be using YouTube. Here are 16 quick tips on how to […]

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How To Edit Videos On iMovie App Using Your iPhone

imovie app for iPhone

If you don’t want to to be tethered to your computer to edit videos, then download the iMovie App on the iPhone. You can combine different video clips, plus add music, add text, add voice overs and even share it on social media sites. And you can do this all from your iPhone. Here’s how […]

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Should You Buy YouTube Subscribers Or Not – What Are The Pros & Cons?

buy youtube subscribers

Getting more subscribers to your YouTube channel takes hard work and persistence if you want to do it organically. Another alternative is to pay for subscribers using adwords for video Before you jump in you should know the pros and cons. Watch the video below to learn the pros and cons of buying subscribers using […]

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How To Make An Automated Subscribe Link On YouTube And Get More Subscribers

make subscribe link for youtube

Do you want to know how to create automated subscriptions to your YouTube Channel? Instead of relying on viewers to click the image in your YouTube video to subscribe to your channel, make a subscribe link to generate automatic subscriptions. When someone clicks on the subscription link a subscription box will automatically appear asking him […]

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How To Comment On YouTube App (Pros and Cons)

comment on youtube

If you want to manage your comments on the go using your iPhone or Android device I highly recommend installing the YouTube App. You’ll have the ability to reply to comments, like, dislike, add hearts, pin a comment to the top or remove the comments. Here are the step-by-step instructions for  how to comment using […]

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How To Comment On YouTube Using The Creator Studio App

youtube creator studio app

Do you want to know how to respond and filter YouTube comments and messages from your mobile phone? Do you want get notified on the go when you receive a comment from one of your videos on YouTube? The YouTube Creator Studio App allows you to easily manage your youtube channel on the go. You’ll […]

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YouTube Online Video Editor Pros And Cons

youtube video editor online

Did you know that you can edit a video on YouTube without affecting it’s views, comments or rankings? This means you can trim any of your old videos, save the original URL and get it re-indexed by Google. You can also create multiple versions of the same video without even leaving YouTube. The YouTube video […]

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