How To Create An Effective In-Stream Video Ad

in-stream video ad

In-stream video ads enable you to insert your ad at the beginning of other people's YouTube video content so the first few seconds really count. If a person clicks on your ad within 30 seconds you won't pay a cent. Here are 5 suggestions to create … Continue reading...

7 Ways To Profit From YouTube’s Call-to-Action Overlay Ads


Adding a Call-to-Action overlay ad to your YouTube Video increases the likelihood of people taking action. For example if you link your overlay ad to a landing page it will give you the highest chances of lead conversion. Your destination URL should … Continue reading...

How To Add A Free Call-To-Action Overlay On Your YouTube Video To Increase Engagement

create call to action overlay on youtube

Do you want to get more engagement from your YouTube videos? Do you want to place a free clickable ad banner across your video? The call to action overlay adds a small clickable banner to the bottom of your video so you can direct viewers to a landing page or social media site. Here are […]

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YouTube Call To Action Overlay Top 5 Benefits

youtube call to action overlay benefits

Do you want to increase engagement on your videos? Do you want to create a free ad banner on your YouTube video? So what is a Call-To-Action Overlay? If you create a YouTube Video Ad using AdWords For Video you can add a banner ad that displays across the bottom of your video. The overlay […]

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Buy Real Views On YouTube With AdWords For Video To Increase Your Online Visibility

buy real youtube views

Have you poured hours into making your videos only to struggle to get the traction you hoped for? If you only get a small number of views to your YouTube videos you don’t get much traction. Increasing your view counts helps build your brand and online credibility. YouTube frowns on using 3rd party services to […]

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What Are TrueView Video Ads & When Should You Use Them?

trueview video ads

YouTube frowns on using 3rd party services to increase your views on YouTube. So what’s downright NOT allowed? According to YouTube views policy… “Purchasing views for your videos directly from third-party websites (e.g. paying $10 for 10,000 views). Views should only be a result of pure viewer choice to watch a video, not as a […]

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