YouTube Thumbnail Design Tips And Tricks – Top 10

youtube thumbnail design tips and tricks

Do you want to improve the clickability of your YouTube Thumbnails? YouTube says "more clicks lead to more views and watch time on your videos." In the video below I share the Top 10 design tips and tricks to make your thumbnails win the … Continue reading...

The Biggest YouTube Marketing Mistake (and how to avoid it)

biggest youtube marketing mistake

Are you struggling to grow your YouTube Channel? Do you want to get more views and subscribers? In the video below you’ll discover the biggest marketing mistake most beginner YouTubers make and learn several ways to avoid it. Click Here … Continue reading...

How To Make Better YouTube Thumbnails

better thumbnails

Do you want to attract more viewers and get more watch time on your YouTube videos? In the video below, I’m going to share with you 5 killer tips to make better YouTube thumbnails that will get viewers to click on them. I’ll also share three tools to easily create your thumbnails, examples of good […]

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How To Use Playlists On YouTube To Get More Views and Subscribers

how to use playlist to get more views

Did you know that the YouTube playlist, can also rank in the search engines, resulting in more views on your channel? In the video below, you’ll discover the top benefits of using playlists to grow your YouTube channel, the types of playlists to use, where to add them on your channel, how to create and […]

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Create High Converting Mobile Videos In Less Than 3 Minutes (Vidizi Review and Demo)


Do you want to increase conversions, boost sales, reduce ad costs, and maximize your engagement on social media? Watch the Vidizi review and demo video below Click here to get VIDIZI now or visit: is cloud-based software that creates 15-second, high-quality videos to promote your products and services on social media sites. Why 15-second […]

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How To Find The Most Viewed Videos On Your YouTube Channel So You Can Create More Videos On Similar Topics

find your popular youtube videos

Are you creating videos that your target audience wants to watch or only producing videos that you want to make? Do you know which videos on your YouTube channel have received the most views or are the most popular? In the video below I’m going to show you how to find the most watched videos […]

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How To Get Longer Watch Times On Your YouTube Videos

longer watch time

Are viewers watching your videos all the way through? In the video below I show 5 things you can do right now to get longer watch times on your YouTube videos Click Here To Subscribe To My YouTube Channel Did you know that watch time is the highest ranking factor on YouTube? The longer a […]

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7 Mistakes To Avoid To Get More YouTube Subscribers

7 Mistakes To Avoid To Get More YouTube Subscribers

Are you struggling to get more subscribers to your YouTube Channel? If so, you may be making mistakes that you’re probably unaware of. In the video below I’m going to give you 7 things you definitely SHOULD NOT DO to get more subscribers and views to your channel. Click Here To Subscribe To My YouTube […]

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5 Ways To Get More Subscribers From Your YouTube Channel Homepage

channel homepage

Did you know that more people subscribe from your channel homepage than from your videos? So, how do you convert more of those viewers into subscribers? In the video below, I discuss the different ways that you can optimize your channel homepage so you can convert more viewers into subscribers. Click Here To Subscribe To […]

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Use videos to drive traffic to your blog

Little in this world can drive traffic like a good video. If you want more traffic for your blog, this is definitely a great place to start. But with so much competition out there vying for your audience’s attention, here are some tips on how to do it right with explainer videos. Tip 1: The […]

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