10 Tips for Writing Articles for Article Directories

If you’re investing time and energy into writing articles you want to get it right otherwise your return on investment will be small. The top article directories receive millions of visitors however your article will probably be competing with others on the same topic so read through these 10 tips before writing your next piece of content.

10 Tips for Writing Articles for Article Directories

1. Create an attention-getting headline

A boring headline will only drive people away so put some thought into it before submitting your article. Use action verbs such as how, discover, 7 tips, learn, etc or ask a question such as “how do you write an article that generates traffic?” Notice how I’ve placed the subject of the article at the beginning of the headline and what it will do at the end.

2. Introduce a problem

Your first paragraph should point out a specific problem people are having in your niche e.g. how to write articles for article directories. Expand upon the description and point out what will happen should you not solve the problem.

3. Provide tips on how to solve a problem

After reading about the problem your visitor will want to continue to find out how to solve it. Write a paragraph for each tip so if you have 7 tips, create 7 paragraphs. Use numbers or bullets points to make the content easy to read.

4. Write at least 500 words

Most article directories won’t publish articles under 500 words so make sure it is at least this length. If it is over 1000 words split it into two different articles.

5. Write as if you’re having a conversation with your reader

Imagine you’re having a conversation over a cup of coffee with your reader. Avoid writing in the third person (ie we, they). Instead write in first person (ie you, your).

6. Summarize your content

Use the last paragraph to summarize what you’ve mentioned in your main content. This reinforces the ideas you made in the reader’s mind.

7. Create a call to action in your resource box

Use your resource box to give visitors a clear call to action. Make sure there’s a smooth transition from your main content. Say something like…”and now I want to invite you to download my free report on 7 habits of highly effective traffic.”

If you want to redirect readers to your website and want backlinks to raise your rankings in the search engines use anchor text for one link and the full URL for the other link. If someone copies and pastes the whole article into their newsletter or website your website address will remain intact.

8. Use short sentences

Avoid writing paragraphs of one long sentence. Short sentences will maintain your visitors attention and make it easier to read through the entire article. After you’ve completed writing the content go through each sentence to see if it can be shortened.

9. Correct grammar and spelling errors

Even one grammar or spelling mistake can upset your reader because they may think you’re not a professional in your field. Read your article out loud to hear if the content you’ve written makes sense. Don’t over rely on the spell checker.

10. Write for visitors not for the search engines

If you write for the search engines you will alienate your visitors. Write for visitors first and search engines second. The top article directories will not accept content where the keyword phrase is mentioned too many times.

Whenever you write articles for article directories keep these 10 tips in mind so you’ll not only please your readers but build backlinks, increase rankings and/or generate targeted traffic to your website.

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