10 Top Ways to Optimize Your E-commerce Web Page

Many e-commerce sites don’t bother to optimize their
product pages because they only contain images. This means
you will be losing out on attracting lots of extra traffic
to your web site.

Search engines spiders will only index pages that are
correctly designed and contain lots of quality content.

Here are 10 ways to optimize your e-commerce web page:

1. Professional Design

Create a design that is attractive to visitors. Make sure
the colors blend well together. Don’t use background colors
that make the text hard to read. Black text on a white
background is still the easiest to read on computer

Vischeck shows how your site will appear to color blind
people. It provides a computer simulation of the entire
process of human vision.


2. Simple navigation

Don’t use images as search engines only read text. Don’t
use javascript as some visitors deliberately have this
turned off on their computers.

3. Validate code

Run your e-commerce web page code through an html validator
to check for html (xhtml) errors. HTML errors will slow the indexing
of your site by search engine spiders. HTML errors will
also slow the loading of your pages. This will cause
visitors to click elsewhere as they wait for your page to

W3C Markup Validation Service

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