10 Ways To Use AI To Work Less & Earn More On YouTube

Are you tired of spending endless hours trying to come up with YouTube video ideas, clickable titles, writing video scripts, editing, analyzing your data and managing  your YouTube channel? 

Well, it’s time to supercharge YouTube game with AI technology.

In the video below, I’m going to show you 10 incredible ways to use AI on YouTube so you can work less and earn more.

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  1. I use ChatGPT to quickly come up with future video ideas. For example, if I ask ChatGPT to come up with 10 video ideas on how to make money on YouTube, this is what I get.
    – Create tutorials on how to videos,
    – Gaming videos
    – Product reviews
    – Travel vlogs Cooking and recipe videos
    – Fitness and health channels
    – Comedy entertainment.

So these are all different topics that I can use to come up with YouTube video ideas on how to make money on YouTube.

2. I can also use ChatGPT to generate different video titles. “Write 3 super engaging titles for a video about how to make money on YouTube.” 
– Unlocking YouTube’s hidden Treasure Chest,
– 10 proven Ways to Earn Big. From 0 to YouTube Hero,
– The ultimate guide to monetizing your channel.
– YouTube Moneymaking Secrets revealed, 
– Insider tips from top creators.

3. I can also use ChatGPT to write a script for my video. I can copy this title from 0 to YouTube hero, paste it in the box. I can say, “Write a script using bullet points for a video titled from zero to YouTube Hero, the Ultimate Guide to monetizing your YouTube channel” Let’s see what it says. It writes an introduction and then writes 8 different sections that I can use in my video ending with a conclusion.

I can also regenerate the script if I wish.

Later, I’ll show you how to create 10 viral video clips from one long video in one click using video clipping AI software.

4. AI powered video creation.
If you don’t have time to create a video, you can use InVideo AI to turn any content or idea into a video. Here’s how InVideo AI works, just using text

“Pack a giant bubble wrap suit and roll into the black hole and explore your own private planet.”

InVideo AI can generate the script, add video clips, subtitles, background music, and transitions.

“A giant bubble wrap suit you’ll see will prevent you from Gravity’s gravities glee.”

No learning curve is needed, and you can even create faceless videos. Just keep in mind that if you use an AI generated script, you still want to add facts, figures, and your own story and viewpoint to make it unique.

5. AI video editing software
AI video editing software can edit your videos faster and smarter so you have more time to focus on content creation and YouTube engagement.

Descript is AI powered video editing software that allows you to to automatically transcribe and edit your videos, like a document. You can instantly purge your recordings of filler words like ums, ahs your knows, in one single click. You can also create an ultra realistic voice cloning using overdub.

It’ll create a text to speech model of your voice, or you can choose from one of the ultra realistic stock voices. It also has an AI powered green screen, which allows you to remove your background with a click, then put yourself in any setting You can imagine.

The AI powered software has the ability to make color adjustments, and you can choose from dozens of powerful effects, transitions, and animation presets.

6. Repurpose your video content.
If you want to expose your content to a different audience that’s on YouTube, I highly recommend turning it into multiple pieces of content. I use the online software called Kapwing to create more content in less time. You simply import your video file, then create multiple short clips from your long form video.

Kapwing can also create high quality videos with its AI video generator. You simply enter a prompt and it’ll generate the video for you. It also includes an AI video editor that automatically removes silences and background noise in a single click. If you can’t find the right image, you can use Kapwing’s, AI image generator. For example, you can just enter the prompt…”generate an image of a grizzly beer in a birthday suit riding a scooter”

If you need to generate subtitles for your shorts or Instagram videos, you can use the AI powered subtitle generator. It can also translate your subtitles into 70 different languages, which exposes your content to a wider audience. 

“Hey, Herman. Is there an AI video tool that repurposes a long form video into multiple shorts in one click?”

7. Absolutely! The AI video clipping tool called Opus Clip takes one long video and creates 10 viral clips.

You drop your YouTube video link in here or upload a file, then click “get free clips” Select your preferred clip length. I’m going to select 30 to 60 seconds. Add your keywords…Make money from YouTube. Click “get clips in one click” Within a few minutes, Opus created 10 viral video clips, all with different titles.

Let’s play this one. “In this video, you’ll learn how I work less, but make more from YouTube so I can spend more time doing the activities that I love, such as cycling, spending time with family and traveling.”

It automatically adds captions to the video and creates a transcript. I can auto post it to YouTube or Reels. I can edit it and I can download it.

The free trial gives you 90 minutes free credits, which is developed for seven days. You don’t need a credit card. There’s no watermark, and you get the full range of features except for the fast queue and auto post. After seven days, they’ll automatically switch it to the free plan, if you don’t want to upgrade. 

8. AI insights 
The AI suggested shorts tool from TubeBuddy quickly identifies the most engaging parts of your long form video to make into a Shorts video, saving you a ton of time and guesswork. TubeBuddy also has an AI title generator. Just click on Title Generator, then click generate ideas. Then it will suggest eight different titles for your video. If you don’t like any of them, then you can just click generate Ideas again. It’ll then suggest eight new titles for your video.

9. Thumbnail Analysis and testing.
The TubeBuddy AI Thumbnail Analyzer predicts which thumbnail will get the highest click-through rate. It analyzes the heat maps for each thumbnail and predicts which thumbnail is the most effective. Two buddies thumbnail split testing feature split tests, two different thumbnails to see which thumbnail drives most clicks and views to your videos.

In this example, the variation thumbnail received a 7.5% higher click-through rate than the original thumbnail. I also use to many to uncover what people are searching for on YouTube, optimize my videos and manage my channel.

10. AI powered product creation.
One of the best ways to earn more from YouTube channel without relying on AdSense ads is to sell your own digital products, such as templates, reports, and eBooks, et cetera. Designrr is an AI powered software that can easily transform your videos, blog posts, podcasts into eBooks, PDFs, show notes, and transcripts.

For example, you can use the AI based Word Genie Wizard to help you generate an ebook according to your chosen niche and target audience. Alternatively, you can insert the link for any video on YouTube, and it’ll transcribe the video into English or any other language. After you’ve done that, you can choose a template to create an ebook, which you can offer as a free download from your videos or offer it as a paid product. Here’s an example of an ebook I made titled “Creating a Top Selling Information Product“.

The more products you create for your target audience, the more money you’ll make from your channel.

My Recommendation
Use these 5 AI powered tools that I outlined in this video so you can work less and earn more from your YouTube channel.

If you want to know how to make more money from your YouTube channel with less effort, watch this video on “10 ways to make more and work less“. You’ll be glad you did.

Blueprint To Create Money-Making Products To Sell Online Quickly and Easily

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