16 Elements Web Site Designers Should Include – Part 2

Read Part 1 of 16 Elements Web Site Designers Should Include if you missed points 1-8.

9. Check for broken links

Search engine spiders will have a difficult time indexing all pages on your web site if it finds broken links. Web designers should check for broken links both during the design process and after the completion of the site. Run your web site through a link checker.

10. Limit use of tables

If your site consists of many tables or nested tables (tables within tables) it will slow the loading of your web page. Web designers should use the latest technologies such as xhtml and css for design. This removes a substantial amount of unnecessary code that may clutter your page if using tables. It also allows for proper positioning of elements on the page and easy site maintenance.

Only use tables for tabular data where you need to use rows and columns.

11. Limit use of flash

Flash web pages are not search engine friendly, require the macromedia flash plug-in to view the page and don’t allow the visitor to use the back button to return to the previous page. If you must use flash within your web site, offer an html page as an alternative so visitors with a dial-up modem can still access your site’s information.

12. Limit use of frames

Framed pages consist of a number of pages for each page. i.e. if you have a top frame and a bottom frame for your framed page you will need to create topframe.html and bottomframe.html pages. The framed page will not be search engine friendly because the content is on different pages and may not be compatible with all browsers.

iframes (a page framed within a page) are also not search engine friendly because your main page contains no content (the external page contains the content).

Framed pages may be used to frame external pages from another site. This ensures the visitor will not leave your main site because the navigation structure still remains visible to them.


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