3 Ways Autoresponders Help You Keep Potential Customers

If you’re trying to sell products on the Internet you need to convert potential customers into customers. It’s much easier to sell products to clients who have already bought from you rather than cold contacts. This is because they trusted you enough to open their wallets. Autoresponders help you keep potential customers because they automate the follow-up process.

How autoresponders convert potential customers into customers

When a person submits an opt in form on your website, blog or landing page the information is stored in a database. If you selected the “double opt in” settings in your autoresponder an e-mail is automatically sent asking them to confirm their subscription. This is followed up with a series of e-mails sent in an ordered sequence spaced several days apart. Each e-mail in the sequence may include an affiliate link or a link to your own product. By sending several e-mail reminders you increase the potential of making a sale.

3 ways autoresponders help you keep potential customers

1. Build relationships

The trust factor is one of the largest hurdles to overcome when selling anything on the Internet. This is because there so many scam artists trying to earn quick money without being honest. If a potential customer has already been scammed once or twice they’re less likely to purchase from you. To overcome this barrier you need to build a relationship with them. Instead of trying to make an immediate sale at the front end of your sales process use your autoresponder to “drip feed” information to them. The more informed a potential client is about your product the easier it will be for them to buy it.

2. Overcome distractions

Most computer users are easily distracted because there are so many activities competing for their attention. For example, while reading their e-mail they may be talking on the cell phone, surfing the web and chatting with their friends on Facebook. To make your message stand out from all the noise you need to repeat it several times. Typically your first e-mail message will not impact your audience unless it is exactly what they’re looking for. Use your autoresponder to send a series of e-mail reminders so your message penetrates their consciousness. Make sure you send at least 7 reminders.

3. Sell multiple products

So you were able to sell your product during your 7 day follow-up sequence. Instead of stopping there, continue to follow-up on your customers by getting them to sign up for another autoresponder course. Make it a natural transition by including related content and products. Ask yourself “will this content benefit my client?” Always keep your clients’ interests in mind by placing yourself in their shoes. Don’t treat them as objects by just trying to sell them something. If the product helps solve their most urgent problems you’ll keep your clients.

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