4 Top Reasons to Add Music to Your Web Site

Have you ever heard music playing when you visited a web site?
Did you have your speakers turned on and did you like the choice of music?

Here are some things to consider before playing music on your web site:

-Not all visitors will appreciate your choice of music

-Not all visitors will appreciate music that plays continuously without the ability to turn it off.

-Not all visitors have their speakers turned on

-Not all visitors have the correct plug-ins to play the music files

-It may slow the loading time of your web site.

4 Top Reasons to Add Music to Your Web Site

1. Music helps your web site to stand out and capture visitors’ attention.

There are millions of web sites on the Net these days so adding music may help your web site be recognized. High speed broadband use on the Internet keeps expanding. Streaming music and videos are everywhere.

2. Music provides an entertaining experience

Music helps your web site to more stimulating and alive. If you choose music that is appropriate for your web site it will enable a more complete appreciation of your subject matter. i.e. if your web site caters to people from Kenya, then you could play Kenyan music. If your web site is about practicing yoga you may want to choose soothing music.

Multimedia presentations are far more engaging than having no interactivity. Visitors can become emotionally connected to your website.

3. Music files are freely available on the Net

If you do a search on Google for “free background music” you’ll get millions of web sites that offer free music. Many sites offer royalty free music.

4. Easy to embed music files

With just a few lines of code inserted in your web page you can have music playing on your web site within minutes.
I find midi files are the easiest to integrate however MP3s or flash files can also be used and often provide better quality sound.

In my next post I”ll discuss “How to add music to your web site?


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