7 Reasons to Create a Links Page for Your Web Site

I often get asked to add a link from my site to the links page of a site owner. He says that his web site has a page rank of 8 (PR8). I check out the links page and find that it is actually a directory of links most of which are unrelated to my site. The page is buried deep within his site and has a page rank of 2 (PR2). This has happened so many times that I no longer do reciprocal link exchanges. I simply delete any requests.

7 top reasons to create a links page

1. A links or resources page should add value to your web site.

Visitors are going to go elsewhere to find information if they don’t find it on your website. Providing this resource makes your visitors appreciate the extra effort you made and will save them time researching the net.

2. The links on your links page should compliment the topic of your subject matter.

Don’t link to a web site that has no relevance to your own. Search engines are particularly wary of this and may penalize your web site.

3. Provide a short description of each link.

This helps the visitor to quickly know what the link is about before clicking on it.

4. Include the URL and anchor text along with your description.

If you just use anchor text a visitor will not remember the URL unless he goes there and copies it. Make it easy for the visitor to remember the URL by displaying it as well.

By including anchor text in your descriptions you boost the link popularity of the site you exchange links with.

5. Concentrate on high quality links

Before adding a link, do your research first by visiting the web site and scanning the material on it. If you think the content compliments or adds value to your own web site.add it.

6. Add the link page to your navigation menu

This enables visitors to easily access your resources page.

7. Make it a keyword targeted web page

Write an introductory paragraph at the top of your page that targets keywords related to your web site. This will help the search engines and visitors to easily find this page.


Developing a links page will add value to your web site because you are extending the resources available to visitors
not found on your own site and saves them time finding the information elsewhere.

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