How To Add A Subscribe Button To ALL Videos On Your YouTube Channel

add a youtube subscribe button to all channel videos
In my previous video showed you how to add a subscribe button to just one of your videos using the subscribe annotation.

But what if you wanted to add a subscribe button to all your videos right within YouTube?

You’ll save a ton of time because you won’t have to add a button every time you upload a new video. Instead it will appear automatically after you’ve set up Invideo programming.

So what is Invideo Programming?

This feature enables you to add a subscribe button, logo, video or intro across all the videos on your channel. When someone clicks on the subscribe button they’ll automatically get subscribed to your channel.

Here are the steps to create a subscribe button using Invideo programming:

Watch the 3 min video tutorial on YouTube

  • Login to YouTube
  • Click on “video manager”
  • Go to channel settings
  • Click on “Invideo Programming”
  • Select “Add a watermark”
  • Click “Browse” to upload a transparent gif or png graphic from your computer (Watch how to create the image using at the 3min 19 secs mark)
  • For best results, use a transparency (PNG or GIF) with a maximum file size of 1 MB
  • Click save

That’s it!

The subscribe button will appear in the upper right corner of all your uploaded videos across devices. If you prefer to brand your channel with a video, replace the subscribe button with your video.

Note: InVideo programming is currently available on Android and iOS but doesn’t work in any other mobile, tablet or TV devices.

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