How To Add Or Swap An Audio Track From YouTube

  • Do you want to know how to add a legal
    sound track from YouTube to your video?
  • Do you want to know how to swap your existing
    audio track using YouTube’s video editor?

Adding music helps set the mood of your audience depending on the style of your video. For instance uplifting music encourages viewers to take action. Adding background music helps break up the monotony of a text-based video.

Here’s how to add or swap the audio track on your YouTube video:

  • Go your Video Manager
  • Click on drop down menu
  • Click creation tools – video editor
  • Drag one of your videos to the bottom where it says ‘drag audio here”
  • To add or replace the audio click the X and select the music
  • You can search for an audio track by genre
  • It could be acoustic, ambient, blues, classical, etc
  • Select the audio track ie “where I’m from.mp3” and drag it to where it says “drag audio here”
  • Reduce the volume if it’s too loud
  • Click Pause
  • Click “publish”
  • That’s it!

It will say “the video is currently being processed, please check back in a few minutes” Check that the new video plays the audio you selected.

Now you can music to a silent video using the audio tracks from YouTube or you can replace the current audio track from any of your videos. Keep in mind YouTube creates a new video any time you use the video editor.

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