Article Marketing – How to Build A Large List With Articles

List building is a powerful marketing tool, because it allows you to build a relationship with your visitors over a period of time. It reminds them about your business by keeping it fresh in their minds. Relationships are not built based on a one time meeting. Some folks promote their product one time by purchasing an ad. This means they only get one shot to sell it unless they buy multiple ads. They’ll waste a lot of time and money if their ad doesn’t convert to buyers. Writing articles is much more effective.

How to build your list

1. Write articles about your niche.

Create a list of topics to write about then create sub-topics for each one. Write a few paragraphs for each sub topic. You don’t have to write a lot to create an article. Try to create a 500 word article. If you have trouble with that, create two 250 word articles on the same topic and combine them. If you want a longer article combine several of them.

2. Create a landing page

This is the page you send visitors from your article. It should include benefits for joining your list, an opt-in subscription form and a free gift for joining. -Benefits show visitors what’s in it for them if they subscribe so make the benefits attractive. -Offering a free gift convinces skeptical readers to get the gift. Give them the impression they can’t do without it.

Alternatively send them to an opt-in subscription form on your web site. You may not get as many subscribers from this type of page because it contains many distractions ie text not related to your opt-in form, ebooks, ads, links to other areas of your web site.

3. Write follow-up messages

Most visitors will not purchase from an ad they only see once. It takes at least 7 exposures before they buy, therefore you need to set-up an autoresponder with several follow-up messages.

Write several short articles and place them in your autoresponder. Spread the messages out over several days. This reminds your visitors about your offer. Each article (message) should contain content your visitor needs and/or desires. With repeated exposure to your articles the offer is pre-sold to them. They will be more prepared to purchase your product than if you had only contacted once.


Building a large list takes time therefore be patient. The more articles you write and submit to article syndication sites, the faster your list grows. A large list means more people have the opportunity to buy from you.

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