Article Marketing Myth: Writing Articles Take Too Much Time

Article Marketing Myth: Writing Articles Take Too Much Time

Many folks give up writing articles because they end up staring at a blank screen and have no idea what to write about. They may spend the whole day trying to complete their first article and have no time left for other tasks. This can be a very frustrating experience and is the reason why many online marketers don’t use article marketing to promote their businesses.

Writing and submitting articles to online publications is a great way to increase traffic because it provides valuable unique content, boosts link popularity and increases search engine rankings. If you can write and publish articles on a regular basis it will generate a consistent stream of traffic to your website.

How to write articles when you’re busy

1. Brainstorm a list of article topics

Ideas for article topics can come from online forums, blogs, social media sites, etc. Take a small notebook or voice recorder with you so you can jot down ideas during the day as they pop into your mind.

2. Create an article outline

An outline creates the skeleton for your article. When you fill in the content it adds body to the skeleton of your content. Another method is to use article templates. For example, the article you are reading is based on the myth busting template.

3. Set aside time to write

Choose your most creative time for writing. I usually set aside the first thirty minutes of the day to create new content. I do this before checking my email or reading the latest news headlines. If I haven’t completed the article within thirty minutes I leave the rest for the next day.

4. Just start writing

The hardest part of writing an article is to start. I tell myself “write for just thirty minutes.” Once I start writing my creative juices begin to flow.If you find it difficult to begin read some of the articles on the same topic at ezinearticles then formulate your own content.

5. Avoid perfecting your article

Try to avoid correcting your content as you are writing. This will prevent your creative ideas flowing from your mind and slow down the completion of your article. Let the article sit for an hour or two or revisit it the next day. You’ll then have a fresh mind and easily see what needs editing to improve it’s quality. Don’t spend too much time perfecting your article before publishing it. Quality is important but the quantity of articles will deliver more traffic.

6. Use speech recognition software

Software such as Dragon Speaking enable you to speak into your computer microphone and convert your voice into text. It’s about 90% accurate but it takes some practice to get good at it. If you know what you want to say you can create 2 articles in the same time it takes to write one.

7. Make article writing a habit

This is a great habit to cultivate because it keeps generating benefits that last as long as your articles remain on the Net. Instead of spending time and money on advertising get into the habit of writing and publishing articles.

If you follow these 7 steps you will debunk the article marketing myth that writing articles take too much time.

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