Article Marketing Template: Write Myth Busting Articles

Write Myth Busting Articles

Do you often get stuck for article ideas?
Do you need a template to create an article…fast?
Do you know any myths related to your niche?

The key to successful article marketing is to write and publish lots of content consistently. As your content gets distributed around the Net more eyeballs will see it and be drawn to your website. One of the greatest problems writers face is coming up with new ideas to write about. A great solution to this problem is to use a myth-busting template.

How to create a myth-busting article

1. Identify the myths in your niche

Forums: visitors to forums often ask questions that perpetuate myths. For instance a common myth regarding article marketing is “you can’t make money writing articles.”

Ask questions: Ask questions to your customers by conducting teleclasses and personal consultations. It’s better to get them from your customers than to guess them yourself.

2. Create a headline to introduce the myth

This clearly tells your readers what myth you are busting. ie “Article Marketing Myth: Article writing takes too much time.”

3. Expand upon the myth

Your first paragraph should perpetuate the myth by explaining why people regard it as a myth. This helps your readers understand more deeply why it became a myth.

4. Bust the myth

The body of your article should provide all the reasons why it became a myth, how it got started and what the truth really is. For example for the myth “you can’t make money writing articles” I point out all the ways you CAN actually make money with articles.

5. Create a series of action steps

Readers don’t just want to receive a bunch of theory. They want to know how to solve their problems. Create a recipe for success by outlining a series of action steps they can take and tell them to do it right away.

Most people fail to take action after reading an article. They promise themselves they’ll get to it later then forget to get back to it because other things demanded their attention. The faster you implement the action steps the faster you’ll learn and get results.

Tell them “do this right now.”

6. Motivate your readers

Offer a free report or software to motivate your readers to take action. Make sure your report contains valuable information they can use immediately. To further motivate them to take action say the report is only available for a limited time or you only are giving away limited copies.

7. Rinse and repeat

After busting one myth repeat the process by writing more articles to bust all the other myths in your niche. It’s an easy method to generate lots more content which results in more traffic, sales and/or subscribers.

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