Article Writing – How to Get Become a Top Author in Ezine Articles

You can attract more visitors to your web site by becoming one of the top authors in an article directory category. When someone wants to find an authority on their subject they can easily see who writes the most articles.

How to find the top authors in the Ezine Articles Directory

Ezine articles is the top article directory on the Net because it receives the most traffic. If you click on any category you can immediately see who the top 30 authors are.

Benefits of becoming a top author

1. Be recognized as an authority on your subject

2. Receive more back links

3. Get more traffic

Traffic is the life blood of your business. If your web site gets little or no traffic you won’t make any sales. Once you become a top author in your niche, more people will want to link and/or publish your articles.

How to become a top author

1. Check how many articles the top authors have written in your niche.

If the top author has 100 articles, make a long term goal to write over 100 articles. If you write 5 articles a week you will reach this number within 20 weeks.

2. Write unique content

If the top author has accumulated 1000s of articles in his category it will be difficult to catch up. Don’t worry…concentrate on creating unique high quality content. Often the quality of content written by top authors is sublime. Read a few of their articles then focus on providing better content. Ezine publishers are always looking for content that provides unique value to their readers.

3. Publish your content in multiple areas

Find other article directories, ezine publishers and magazines in your niche to spread your content far and wide. You never know when someone will pick it up and publish it. This increases your chances of receiving more traffic from one article instead of just relying on one traffic source…ezine articles.

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