Article Writing – How to Rewrite Your Articles to Gain More Visitors

Articles containing unique content receive more traffic than rewritten ones. This is because readers prefer original content to content that has already been written (duplicate content). Ezine Articles (one of the top article directories) consistently checks for duplicate content so it doesn’t lose the value of providing quality content for it’s readers.

What is Duplicate Content?

Content that is 100% identical to another article.

What is Duplicative Content?

According to Ezine Articles it’s content that is between 1-99.9% duplicate of another article in the system

How NOT to rewrite your article


There is software that spins (rewrites) the same article you wrote changing the title, some paragraphs and resource box. This saves you rewriting the article and some article directories will receive them, however the top article directories are beginning to catch and reject them.

Rewrite the same article

After you’ve created a unique article the tendency is to rewrite it by just changing the title, a few paragraphs and submit it to the directories. This is actually the same article but modified slightly so it can be submitted for distribution. The problem with this strategy is that it will may still be seen as duplicate content. Visitors reading your articles may soon discover they sound the same and don’t offer any new content.

The full-proof method for rewriting articles

Rewrite your article from a different perspective so the entire content is unique. This may take a little more time and creativity but will generate more visitors. It will also guarantee your article will be accepted by online publishers.

Ways to rewrite your article

Here are 3 different ways to write the same article so it has completely new content:

1. Include facts and statistics

The first time you write your article use clear facts and statistics. This satisfies readers who scientifically minded or prefer details.

2. Include a story and/or quotes

Some readers like to read stories. Incorporating a story and/or quotes in your article helps keep your visitor’s attention.

3. Include keywords

Create a list of keywords related to your target market. Write a paragraph for each keyword. Soon you will have created a whole new article. Content containing targeted keywords will attract search engine traffic.

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