Article Writing Templates – 7 types

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The beauty of using templates for writing your articles is that you can quickly and easily put together an article to be submitted for publication. If you can set aside an hour a day to create a uniquely written article you will have 365 new articles in one year.

Besides generating lots of backlinks, boosting search engine rankings, your articles will attract a continuous stream of visitors.

7 Types of Article Writing Templates

1. Benefits

Readers always want to know the benefits of the product they are intending to purchase. Create a list of benefits then write a paragraph on each.

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2. Reasons

Buyers need reasons to buy a product. Write down all the reasons why someone should purchase this product from you then offer a clear explanation for each reason.

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3. Top 10 Tips

Write down a list of the top 10 tips for your product of service then write a paragraph on each one. Each tip could be further expanded into another article so you end up with 10 articles If you don’t have 10 tips shorten the article to the top 7, top 3 or however many tips you can think of.

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4. Comparisons

People like to shop around to compare prices and what value they get for the price they will pay. By writing an article comparing the benefits and/or features of each product you give your potential customer valuable information to make an informed decision.

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5. Advantages and Disadvantages

Consumers not only want to hear all the good news about a product but also learn about the disadvantages. By outlining the pros and cons the reader will have no regrets on their purchasing decision.

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6. Offer a solution to a problem

People love reading about ways to solve a problem. Introduce the main problem or number of problems the reader has then offer several solutions.

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Example: Article marketing

The problem of not writing articles is that you won’t be adding content to your web site, attain high rankings or get backlinks…all of which contribute to boosting traffic and making more sales.

The main content of your article can illustrate how each of these problems can be solved.

7. Create a checklist

Shoppers make checklists to quickly find the most important items in a grocery store. Use this type of template to create a checklist for your product or service.

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Use these 7 article writing templates to create 100s of new articles. If you have any new ideas for other types of article writing templates please include them in the comment box below.


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  1. 95% of your article submissions should be done automatically with software that will generate as many as you need from content that you find elsewhere, and submits it for you. In the odd occasion that you want to write something yourself, I’ve written a step by step guide check it out if you like

    Good luck guys,


  2. Hi Mark,

    Software that automatically spits out rehashed content from articles written by other authors, not only adds to the poor quality of content seen in the search engines, etc but doesn’t contain your unique writing style that attracts visitors in the first place. Long term I think the search engine algorithims will eventually catch software generated articles and penalize them..remember what happened to sites that used link farms, stuffed keywords…their rankings disappeared.

  3. Right on !! Damn Im becoming addicted to your blog 🙂

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