Article Writing – Top 12 Mistakes and How to Correct Them Part 2

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Part 2

6. Repetition

Don’t repeat the same information in another sentence or paragraph. It makes the information redundant. Be sure to proof read your document before submitting it for publication. Read it aloud or get someone else to read it to you. If it sounds strange, it probably is.

7. Grammar and Spelling errors

You’ll appear to be a novice at article writing if it’s filled with grammatical, spelling or punctuation errors. Don’t just use the spell checker because it does not pick up everything. Clean up these errors before distributing it.

8. Plagarism

Copying someones elses content violates copyright laws. All content on the Net is copyright protected. This means it belongs to the original author. Only write unique content. It will be more interesting to read and attract more traffic.

9. Excessive length

Long articles (1000 words plus) get read less than short articles (under 750 words) because it’s hard to keep the reader’s attention. Writers often pad the content with filler words when the same points can be made in a shorter article.

10. Targeting wrong audience

Articles should be tailored to a specific audience. Address their needs, wants and desires. Don’t write for online marketers if your audience is offline retailers. They won’t know what you’re talking about.

11. No formatting

Proper formatting makes your article more appealing. Most article directories include a visual html editor. This enables you to bold text, create bullet points, add line breaks and include URLs. If you email the article to ezine publishers reduce sentences to 65 characters per line so sentences don’t get cut off in readers email software.

12. Inadequate Resource Box

You have one chance to promote yourself to your readers by including the resource box at the end of your article. You’ve worked hard writing a high quality article therefore create a highly effective resource box. At the very least, include your full name, web site address and call to action.

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