Article Writing – Top 16 Grammatical Errors

Part 1

Everybody makes mistakes, even expert writers but making many spelling mistakes on an article is unacceptable, even one is too many. This can cause you to lose readers and lose your reputation on becoming an authority on the subject you are writing about.

Top Grammatical Errors

1. too, to, two

Incorrect: There are to many people in the room.
Correct: There are too many people in the room.

Incorrect: She goes too school.
Correct: She goes to school.

Incorrect: I need too people to stand up.
Correct: I need two people to stand up.

2. know vs. no

Incorrect: I no what to do about it.
Correct: I know what to do about it.

3. loose vs. lose

Incorrect: The knot is too lose.
Correct: The knot is too loose.

Incorrect: You will loose the race.
Correct: You will lose the race

4. affect vs. effect

Incorrect: The weather shouldn’t effect your day.
Correct: The weather shouldn’t affect your day.

Incorrect: My wife has a good effect on me.
Correct: My wife has a good affect on me.

5. there, their, they’re

Incorrect: The dogs are over their.
Correct: The dogs are over there.

Incorrect: The employees are having there monthly meeting.
Correct: The employees are having their monthly meeting.

Incorrect: My children need to go to school today but their not happy about it.
Correct: My children need to go to school today but they’re not happy about it.

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