Article Writing – Top 7 Benefits of Writing 100 Articles in 100 days

100 articles 100 days

If you’re serious about marketing your online business consider accepting the challenge of writing 100 articles in 100 days. Ezinearticles is offering this challenge to anyone between Friday, January 1st 12:01AM CST-USA and Saturday, April 10th 11:59PM CST-USA. Each article must be at least 400 words in length.

They ran a similar challenge from August-November in 2009 where I received a prize for being within the first 100 people to complete the challenge. It wasn’t easy because it required the discipline to write one article every day (or several articles in one day when I fell behind) however the benefits were tremendous.

Benefits of Writing 100 Articles in 100 days

1. Increase web traffic

Traffic from article writing comes from a number of different sources. ie

  • ezinearticles web site, RSS feeds and email alerts
  • ezine publishers selecting your article for publication
  • adding the article to your blog boosts the number of readers

2. Build backlinks

Including 2 links in the resource box at the end of your article builds backlinks to your own web site. Make sure one link uses anchor text (textual link) that includes your main keyword and the other should be your full web site address. Writing and submitting 100 articles will produce lots of backlinks in a short time.

3. Boost search engine rankings

Creating content that targets your main keywords will steadily increase the rankings of your web site. Weave your keywords into the title, article body and anchor text of each article you submit. At the end of 100 days your website will have moved to the top of the search engines depending on the competitiveness of your keywords.

4. Increase ezine subscribers

Traffic generated by submitting articles to ezinearticles and my web design discussion blog indirectly resulted in boosting newsletter subscribers. If I had sent visitors to directly to a squeeze page where people sign up for my newsletter, the number of subscribers would have been greater.

5. Business branding

When readers visit your web site many times through reading your articles they quickly become familiar with what services or products you’re offering. You are building your brand within their minds.

6. Produce quality content your customers love

A high quality article is far more effective than an ad because you help your customer make an informed decision by reading its content. Your article will also keep working for you as long as it remains on the Net. An ad is short-lived unless you pay keep paying to have it displayed. An article only costs you the time to write and submit it.

7. Become a better writer

The quality and speed of your writing improves as you create more content on a regular basis. As you develop your own writing style you attract and retain more readers.

I recommend taking up the challenge of writing 100 articles in 100 days so you can reap all the 7 benefits mentioned above.

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Leave a comment below if you decide to take up the challenge.

To read about the article writing challenge visit:


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