Article Writing: Why (how) to write evergreen articles

Why (how) to write evergreen articles

The beauty of article marketing is that is it’s a great way to drip feed traffic to your website. Sometimes the drip becomes a river if a popular newsletter or ezine publishes your article. The key to getting a consistent stream of traffic is to write articles frequently and consistently.

What is an evergreen article

This is an article that will continue to generate traffic irrespective of the date it’s published because it remains fresh from the day you wrote it. Years later the content will still be valuable to its readers.

If you write articles about a current event, or the article is dated you’ll only benefit from it for a short period. When visitors view your dated article after the time has passed they’ll think the content is no longer relevant. For example I wrote an article on “article marketing predictions for 2010.” This article would no longer be relevant for 2011 however I could edit it to create new article titled “article marketing predictions for 2011.”

Why you should write evergreen articles

Evergreen articles provide a great return on your investment of time because they will continue to generate traffic year after year. For example one article I wrote 5 years ago still receives the most traffic over all the articles I’ve submitted to ezinearticles (approximately 300 at the time of this writing).

How to write evergreen articles

When you sit down to write your article place yourself in the shoes of a person reading your content several years from now. Will the content still be relevant and valuable? To achieve this don’t mention the date in the title or body of the article, and avoid talking about a current event unless it relates to the future.

Next time you write an article consider the longevity of your content so it will continue generating traffic year after year.

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