Autoresponder List – 5 ways to build a relationship with your autoresponder list

Building a large list of prospects doesn’t guarantee you’ll generate more sales. The numbers may look good but the quality of the relationships with your prospects may be lacking. People tend to buy products from people they know, like and trust. To gain the trust of prospects on your autoresponder list you need to build life-long relationships with them.

5 ways to build a relationship with your autoresponder list

1. Treat each person as a friend

It’s easy to view your autoresponder list as a numbers game. You figure the more subscribers you get the more money you will make. This can be compared to throwing mud at a wall. If you throw enough of it at the wall some of it will stick. Try to view each subscriber as a living, breathing human being instead of an object. Relate to each person as if you are sitting across the table from them. Instead of seeing them from your own viewpoint try to place yourself in their shoes. It will help you to be more objective.

2. Personalize your e-mail messages

A personalized message beginning with your own name is more powerful than using a generic name such as “Dear subscriber.” Most autoresponder services allow you to create a number of fields for your opt in form. Make sure you at least include the name and e-mail address fields. Send an e-mail message to yourself first before sending it to your whole list. It will help you catch obvious errors.

3. Tell prospects what they’ll be receiving

Tell your prospects ahead of time what they can expect to receive. For instance it could be a free report, an e-course or a video. Don’t start sending a series of follow-up messages every few days if they did not request them. It will only irritate your prospects and cause them to unsubscribe from your autoresponder list.

Your first follow-up message should thank them for subscribing and give a summary what content to expect in subsequent e-mails. This will help them look forward to receiving your next email. At the top of each message remind your prospect why they subscribed. At the bottom provide a teaser sentence about the next message they’ll be receiving.

4. Provide great content

If you come across as a salesman just trying to pitch your products in every message you’ll lose your prospects. Don’t make each follow-up message a sales pitch. Instead try to answer their most frequently asked questions. If you don’t know what they are send them a survey for feedback. Try a variety of formats for the content to see which works best e.g. reports, audios, videos, webinars, etc.

5. Frequency of delivery

Create at least 7 follow-up e-mail messages to load into your autoresponder. Your first message should be sent immediately after they have submitted the sign-up form on your landing page. Your next 6 messages should be sent to 2 or 3 days apart from each other. Don’t forget about your prospects after they’ve completed your autoresponder sequence. Continue to follow-up on them by sending more great content each week or every 2 weeks. Sometimes a prospect will buy a product after one year because you offered something they needed.

Consider sending a newsletter every 2 weeks to stay in touch with your customers. This gives you an opportunity to showcase your latest articles, provide news, tips and recommend your products.

If you consistently provide content that helps grow your customers business you’ll have a customer for life. By taking care of the people on your list they’ll take care of you by buying your products.

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