Autoresponders – 7 Steps for Creating a Passive Income on Autopilot

Passive income refers to income received on a regular basis, with little effort required to maintain it. This gives you more time for activities you love to do such spending more time with family and friends. Autoresponders enable you to run your business on autopilot.

One of the most important marketing activities you should be doing in your business is e-mail marketing. This involves building an opt-in list and developing a long-term relationship with your prospects. When prospects know, like and trust you they are more likely to purchase your products. If you use autoresponders to help build your list and send follow-up messages to the customers on your list you’ll create a passive income on autopilot.

7 Steps for Creating a Passive Income on Autopilot With Autoresponders

1. Create a product

Choose a product you feel passionate about and is in high demand. For example, create an e-book from all the articles or blog posts you have already written. Alternatively create a video product by creating a slide show of your articles.

2. Sign up for an autoresponder service

There are many autoresponder services to choose from. Make sure you choose a sequential autoresponder. This allows you to send a series of e-mail messages at predetermined intervals as well as storing them in a searchable database. My recommendation is to use a professional web-based service such as Aweber because it has a high deliverability rate and is very reliable.

3. Write a series of autoresponder e-mail messages

Write at least 7 e-mail messages of 400 words for each message then load them into your autoresponder. The first message should thank your prospect for subscribing and provide an outline of the information they can expect to receive over the next few days. Begin each succeeding message by summarizing the one they received previously. This keeps your message fresh in their minds. Include a link to your product sales page in each message. The end of each message should let them know what they will be receiving next. This helps keep your content seamlessly flowing between each message.

4. Create a landing page

This can be as simple one page website containing several bullet points that outline the benefits of your product. It should include a sign-up form for prospects to fill out their name and e-mail address. The HTML code for the form can be acquired from your autoresponder service. The purpose of the landing page is to capture prospects contact information so you can build a large list.

5. Create a sales page

This is where you send your prospects after they read the follow-up messages in your autoresponder. The sales page should include the main benefits of your product, testimonials, how your product works and a button to receive online payments. The easiest way to receive online payments is to sign up for PayPal so customers can pay for your product with their credit card or PayPal account.

6. Drive traffic to your landing page

There are a ton of traffic generation methods however one of the best is article marketing. Simply write a 500 word article related to your product then submit it to the top article directories. Each article should contain a captivating title to encourage readers to read the article and a resource box that invites them to visit your landing page. The more articles you write and submit the more traffic you will drive to your landing page.

7. Monitor your results

Article directories such as ezinearticles track how many people viewed your articles and clicked on the link in your resource box. Create different resource boxes to see which one works best. You autoresponder service also monitors the open rates of your e-mail messages and how many people clicked on your links.

If you follow the 7 steps outlined above you’ll create a passive income on autopilot. If you want to increase sales create a related product that is more expensive and invite prospects to sign up for another autoresponder course.

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