Benefits of a Dedicated IP Address

1. Use SSL encryption

SSL certificates are needed for accepting credit cards online. They are used to transmit sensitive data over the internet. The data is encrypted to prevent someone from intercepting the information. You can only use encryption (SSL) if your web site has a dedicated IP address. It won’t work on a shared IP address although hosting companies often use shared SSL where all web sites will share the same SSL.

This is not recommended if you intend having a very secure online store.

2. Anonymous FTP transfers

This allows anyone to download files off your site. It’s called Anonymous FTP because the user name used to sign in is “anonymous.”

3. Prevent IP blacklisting

If one of the domains that share the same IP address on the server is caught spamming, your web site can be blacklisted. The same goes for adult or other content that can be penalized. Most hosting companies will catch this domain before all other sites on the server get banned.

Having a dedicated IP address for your web site will remove this concern.


Ask your web host how much it costs to get a dedicated IP address. Even though you use virtual hosting, you can still get a dedicated IP for your domain. It will not be used by other sites on the same server.

It often only costs a few extra dollars.


If you want more control over your web site, need your own SSL certificate and prevent your web site from being blacklisted, consider getting a dedicated IP address.


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