YouTube Call To Action Overlay Top 5 Benefits

Do you want to increase engagement on your videos?
Do you want to create a free ad banner on your YouTube video?

So what is a Call-To-Action Overlay?

If you create a YouTube Video Ad using AdWords For Video you can add a banner ad that displays across the bottom of your video. The overlay will appear for a few seconds as the video begins to play and can be closed by the user. When users click on the overlay, they’ll be directed to an external website. This can be specified in the overlay’s destination URL.

Here are the top 5 benefits of adding a Call-To-Action
Overlay on your YouTube videos:

Watch the video below…

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1. Increase engagement
You can redirect viewers to an external website or another video when they click on the CTA.

2. Free advertising
Even if you no longer continue to promote the video
the CTA will remain on the video.

3. Mobile friendly
CTAs will appear across all devices including mobile phones.

4. Great branding opportunity
You have the ability to add a title, display link and a destination URL. The destination URL is where you want to send your visitors to.

5. Link to off-site pages
You can even link to third party sites, such as your website, social media, product and service pages. This means you can share additional information with your viewers.

Here are a few things to keep in mind.

  • You have to have Google Adwords enabled to
    create a Call-To-Action Overlay.
  • Your call to action overlay will be subject to review.
  • It must adhere to Google’s Advertising Policies so there will be a short delay while it is being reviewed.

That’s it!

Now you know the top 5 benefits of adding a call
to action overlay to your YouTube Videos.

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