How to Write Captivating Headlines That Demand Attention

Your headline is what readers see first when visiting your website. If it doesn’t captivate the attention of your readers they’ll leave and go elsewhere. Boring headlines will drive away your visitors. If they don’t even read your headline the likelihood is they’re not going to read the rest of your content. Your headline’s main purpose is to get them to read the next sentence. The ultimate goal of your content is to get your reader to take action.

Where captivating headlines can be used

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Web Copywriting: Benefits versus Features

One of the biggest mistakes website owners make is emphasizing features over benefits. When a visitor arrives at your website they are asking themselves “what’s in it for me?’ They want to know how your product or service will benefit them not all the great features you have.

Benefits are what the potential customer will gain by using the product or service. They’re what the customer is looking for. So benefits are what sells the customer.

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Web Copywriting: How to develop an effective Unique Selling Position (USP)

If you selling in a competitive market you need to offer something unique that makes your business, product or service stand out from your competitors. This is defined as your Unique Selling Position or USP. Most website owners realize the importance of having a USP but have difficulty developing one for their own website. If you don’t differentiate yourself from 100 competitors selling the same product or service you may soon be out of business.

A unique selling proposition (USP) can be used in many different ways, as a single word, a tag line, a paragraph or even several paragraphs.

The most important thing to include in your USP is “benefits, not features.” Focus on main benefits your product or service offers to your potential customers.

How to develop an effective USP

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Web Copywriting Checklist: 16 tips for writing effective website copy

web copywriting

Most website owners focus on getting traffic to their sites to generate sales, leads or subscribers. They figure the more traffic you receive the more sales you will make. This is only partially true because you still need to convert the traffic into buyers. Focusing your efforts only on getting traffic is like throwing mud at a wall. Some of it will stick. Your web copy must be able to convert visitors into buyers.

16 Tips for writing effective website copy

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