6 Tips on How to Quickly Raise the Video Rating in YouTube Search

country It’s not the secret that YouTube is the utmost frequent site on our planet, with billions of end users? It’s also the largest inquiry machine, and primarily Google search YouTube whenever you have to watch or find some flicks. The platform uses varied tools of determining which videotape will dominate on the YouTube traffic research by requesting the total amount of subscribed users or the number of thumb ups which were left by customers.

If users cannot find you, they won’t sign up your clips and won’t attend your homepage. It’s time to lift the veil of secrecy and learn how to implement SEO YouTube in a right way. We’ve prepared 6 hints for leading your channel to its hour of triumph – browse around this site to ask professionals for other detailed studies concerning video rating.

1. Make friends with thumbnails.
They’re like a nota bene for all Y-lovers! Such indicated small pictures help you to get a click on your show, and you get higher rating results. Think twice, deem passion, affection, and motivation when establishing such summary. It’s going to be the canvas of your broadcast diary.


2. Title of the video.

After you’ve transferred a clip, you’ll be asked to fill out the headline, depiction, and tags of it. Sounds simple, right? Thus, this is one of the most meaningful parts, and it shouldn’t be done carelessly.

One of the YouTube tips is to avoid ‘stop’ words like ‘the,’ “and” or “a.” Such adverts are useless for research instrument, and your message can have success without them. For example, ‘3 Healthy Breakfast Wraps | Back to School Recipes’ or ‘Let’s Beat Heat | Summer Life Hacks with Doctor Mike.’

3. More keywords – more influence on the rate.

Be clear while entering appropriate keys to your YouTube videos. Make it descriptive and engaging by using long tail words in order to be more specific. So instead of ‘healthy breakfasts’ you can write ‘easy, healthy breakfast wrap’ or ‘healthy breakfasts for children.’ It may be searched less-often, but it offers less competition and better targeting.

4. Write detailed descriptions.

The YouTube has no idea what your talkies are about and why you upload them. You should write in details what is being adduced in the video. Keep in mind only 60 characters is going to be visible in your explanation box, so make up mind and pack in a steady way. Provide customers with a sense to browse your stuff, and it can positively affect the YouTube ranking.


5. Tags Usage.

It is necessary to categorize your footage by keyword. YouTube concedes you to add ‘tags, ’ but it has a limitation of pins you can insert. The best practice is to add several and various tags to properly describe your canned film. Whenever you feel that your clip needs 20 tags, no one stops you.

One great way to understand tag idea is to look at the top-ranking clips on YouTube search that directly compete with your file. Sometimes the platform can hide pins, which makes it harder to examine on your rivals and take a look at their tags. Luckily, there are tools that allow you to get lots of insights of the tags they are using to be of a high rank. Two of these software apps are vidIQ and TubeBuddy. Both programs have a free version and a few paid versions, depending on your company’s needs.

6. Make playlists.

Don’t leave your online diary in an unorganized mess. Set up your talkies into series and it will help you to increase YouTube views. Such keyword catalogs give your channel YouTube image info about your material. Once you’ve uploaded 10 clips on your page, form them in tightly themed series.

social Analyze, optimize and repeat. Use your social networks to distribute the small flicks at least twice a week on Facebook, Twitter, and Google+ each. The higher percentage you can gain, the more extra talkies will move up in the rankings.

People say, even the best can do better. Once you have a foothold on your page, it’s time to get a bird’s-eye view of how it’s performing. Be persistent and start taking the profits of a solid SEO approach, including along with brand-new probable clients, getting a finer search presence and formulating your brand.

How To Monetize YouTube Videos With Google Adsense

Did you know that YouTube requires your channel to have
10,000 lifetime views before it can be monetized?

In this video you’ll learn the steps to set-up your channel for monetization with adsense and discover a fast way to get 10,000 views.

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So what does monetization with adsense mean?

If your channel has YouTube partner status and has monetization enabled, YouTube will display ad banners on your videos. You’ll earn money from advertisements served on your videos and from YouTube Red subscribers watching your content. The more views you accumulate on your videos the more revenue you’ll receive.

What are the Eligibility requirements?

10,000 public lifteime views
YouTube partner status
Must be 18 years old
Channel activity adheres to the YouTube Partner Program policies, YouTube Terms of Service, and Community Guidelines.

YouTube Partner Program Policies
YouTube Terms of Service
YouTube Community Guidelines

Here are the 4 steps to monetize your YouTube videos with Adsense

1. Become a YouTube partner
Once your channel reaches 10,000 lifetime public views, it will be reviewed to join the Partner program.
Here’s how to check…
Sign in to your YouTube account.
In the top right, select your account icon > Creator Studio.
In the left menu, select Channel > Status and features.
Under “Monetization,” click Enable.
Follow the on-screen steps to accept the YouTube Partner Program Terms.

2. Sign-up for Adsense
Create a new AdSense account or connect an existing one to your channel. You need an AdSense account to earn money from your videos and get paid. Follow these steps to set up an AdSense account.

3. Set monetization preferences
Set what types of ads you want to run on your videos and automatically turn on monetization for all your existing and future videos.
When you set this up, you will start earning money as soon as your channel is approved.
Confirm you want to monetize for all your existing and future videos.
Check the boxes under Ads formats to choose the types of ads you want to show.
Click Save.

You can always change these setting in your monetization defaults so that every upload is automatically monetized or not monetized, or choose the specific videos you want to monetize.

4. Get reviewed (after you reach 10,000 views)
Once your channel has 10,000 views, YouTube will review your application to make sure your channel activity adheres to the YouTube Partner Program policies, YouTube Terms of Service, and our Community Guidelines. They’ll let you know as soon as the process is complete.

You can also check the status of your application at Creator Studio > Channel > Monetization. The process may take up to several weeks.

If you’re approved: You’ll start earning money on YouTube right away if you’ve already chosen the videos you want to monetize. If you don’t have enough views for a review yet, keep making original content and growing your audience.

The view count threshold gives YouTube enough information to determine the validity of your channel. It also allows them to confirm if a channel is following their community guidelines and advertiser policies.

What if you don’t have 10,000 lifetime views?
Set-up an in-stream video ads campaign on adwords for video. You can get views for as little as 1cent/view so you’ll only need to spend $100.00. Click here to learn how to create a videos ads campaign.

How much money can you earn from Adsense ads?
Not much if you are just starting your YouTube Channel. It’s not worth monetizing your channel with adsense ads until you have a lot of videos that have consistently generate a lot of views. Usually you get a few cents per 1000 views depending on your niche.

How do you get paid?
Your YouTube earnings depend on CPM (cost per thousand, denoted as M) which is the cost per thousand views. The average CPM ranges anywhere between $5-$10 and YouTube gets 45 percent of whatever you earn from the ads.

For example, if you earn $10 per 1,000 views, then YouTube takes $4.5. In the present day and age, you can earn anything between $500-$5000 for every million views.

How do you increase your adsense revenue?
Regularly upload new videos containing original content that your viewers want to watch. After publishing your video, share it on social media, sites, blogs, groups, forums to grow your audience.

Click here to learn how to increase Adsense revenue on YouTube

Here’s are 3 important things to keep in mind..

1. Not all videos will be eligible for monetization
2. You don’t have to monetize all videos on your channel. You can just select one video on your channel to monetize with ads and leave the rest unchecked.
3. If you want to link a card or end screen to your associated website your channel must have monetization enabled.

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How To Get 20,000 Subscribers On YouTube

First of all I want to thank all my subscribers for watching and interacting with my videos. I also want to thank all non-subscribers for viewing and commenting on my videos. Without you ALL, I wouldn’t have been able to steadily grow my channel.

Determination, hard work, consistency and patience are the 4 main ingredients that have enabled me to get 20,000 subscribers on YouTube.

In the video below you’ll discover the 7 main elements
that have enabled me to achieve this goal.

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Here are the 7 main elements that have enabled me
to grow my YouTube channel to 20,000 subscribers

1. Be passionate about your channel content

  • You’ll lose interest if you’re not passionate about your video topics
  • You’ll have fun creating the content
  • You’ll feel good about helping others

2. Identify your target audience

  • Research the problems your audience has and offer solutions in your videos
  • Use polls, surveys, ask questions in FB groups, listen to live streams where people are rapidly asking questions
  • Use the YouTube suggestion tool to create a list of suggestions from search
  • Use Answerthepublic.com to find the questions people are asking in your niche

3. Offer value

  • Create content your audience wants to watch
  • Solve their problems
  • Educate, entertain, motivate and inspire people with your content

4. Create engaging videos

  • Hook them in beginning
  • Offer several solutions
  • Add a strong call to action using cards and end screens

5. Build a community

6. Be consistent

  • I’ve been uploading new videos 2x/week consistently for several years. It takes determination, hard work and patience to maintain this schedule.
  • YouTube channel growth is not a sprint but a marathon.
  • Maintain a regular upload schedule (ie Mon and Wed) so viewers will know when to expect new video content will be uploaded to your channel. Display the schedule on your channel banner and/or in the description below your video.

7. Track video performance

  • Visit YouTube analytics to check watch time, audience retention and main traffic sources. Watch Time is one of the main ranking factors so work on creating videos that keep people watching. This will help your videos to rank higher and show up in suggested videos resulting in more views and subscribers.

“Little hinges swing BIG doors” This means one incremental change may result in a large increase of views and subscribers. Continually work to improve the growth of your channel by making small changes to your videos (ie design better custom thumbnails).

If you want to learn how to grow your audience on YouTube and
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How To Find Images For Your YouTube Thumbnails

Do you want to spice up your YouTube thumbnails
so they stand out in the search engine listings?

In the video below I’m going to show you 4 ways to find great images for making your own YouTube Thumbnails so you can get more views and subscribers from your videos. I’ll also outline the pros and cons of each method.

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Here are 4 different options to find images to use for YouTube thumbnails

1. Screenshot images

This is where you take a screenshot of one of the frames in your video. Just pause your video and press the Print screen key on your keyboard (PCs) or Shift+Command+4 (MAC). You can then crop your image using the free online graphics editor…Pixlr . If you used your face, then import the cropped image into Canva to create your thumbnail.

Click here to learn how create a thumbnail image in Canva.
Click here to watch how I create a clickable thumbnail without leaving YouTube

It’s fast, easy and doesn’t require many skills

Lack of sharpness
Contains background of your video

2. Shoot your own images
Taking a screenshot of your video doesn’t often produce a sharp enough image of your face to use in your thumbnail. When the image is reduced to 320 pixels (the size of a thumbnail), it may look fuzzy, blurry or not so sharp. Therefore it’s better to take several photos of yourself using an HD camera (Phone camera or DSLR).

Here are some tips for shooting portrait images with your iPhone

a) Shoot in the best light
The best kind of light for indoor portraits is diffused window light. Using a window produces a beautiful rich directional light with diffused colors from whatever is reflected in it.

When shooting portraits outdoors, it’s best to work when the sun is low in the sky. The golden hours of early morning or late evening before sunset are perfect. Overcast skies are also really nice for portraits because you can shoot at any time of day.

b) Find a suitable setting
Explore your area to find interesting places to take portraits. Keep your setting simple and uncluttered so that your subject remains the focal point.

If you’re shooting portraits indoors, the ideal place to position the person is next to a window or entrance so that you have plenty of natural light illuminating your subject.

c) Think about the composition
When framing or composing your shot, keep in mind that you don’t need to center your subject. Usually the portrait is more interesting if the subject is off to the side. Using the rule of thirds will help you position your subject off-centre.

You can frame your subject using a natural frame such as a doorway or window. If you’re photographing outdoors, look for trees or bushes that can naturally frame your subject.

d) Focus on the eyes
When taking a portrait photo, it’s best to shoot just slightly above the eye line so that the eyes are wide and open. Make sure you focus on the eyes of your subject because this is the most expressive part of the face and it’s where the viewer will look first.

e) Experiment with different perspectives
As the photographer, you can experiment with different perspectives or angles to create unique and creative portraits that tell a story. Try standing, kneeling, stooping or laying on your belly to get the right perspective for your subject.

f) Use props to add interest
Using props can help to draw out a more realistic expression of the person, rather than a stiff unnatural pose. Try to get your subject, especially children, interested in their surroundings so that their smiles and expressions are more natural.

g) Think about your subjects pose
Most of the portraits I take are usually posed, but a few are candid shots. Think about what you want your subject doing to best convey their particular personality.

When photographing your subject, have them sit, stand, kneel or lean on a tree. Explore all the options for the best and most engaging portrait.

No need to worry about copyright infringement
Flexibility of using your own images

Takes more time than just taking a screenshot of your video
Need to remove background if you just want an image of yourself

3. Free stock images
Google images

All images are free
Large variety

Not original
May see them elsewhere
Limited selection

4. Paid graphics sites
If you don’t want to shoot your own pictures or can’t find a suitable free image, consider subscribing to an online graphics site such as graphicstock.com

Large selection of royalty free images
Easy to search and find a specific image related to the subject of your video
Download and keep forever
Use as B-roll in future videos

Costs money
Not original

Let me ask you an important question
How do you find suitable images for your YouTube Thumbnails or videos?
Post your answer in the comments below.

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generate views and subscribers on autopilot check out my
YouTube Marketing Course at: TubeVideoBootCamp.com

How To Optimize Your YouTube Channel Homepage

Do you know where most of your traffic is coming from?

Recently I discovered most traffic from my recent
videos comes from browse features.

In the video below you’ll discover how to identify the largest traffic sources for your videos, and 7 ways to optimize your channel homepage to get more views to your videos.

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How do you identify your main traffic source?

To identify the main traffic source for one of your most recent videos, go to your video manager then copy the title of one of your most recent videos. Next go to YouTube analytics, enter the video title in the overview box, click on the title on the drop down box, visit YouTube analytics, traffic sources, browse features. I noticed this is the Number 1 traffic source of my recent videos.

So what are Browse Features?

This is “Traffic from the homepage/home screen, the subscription feed, and other browsing features. Includes both signed-in and signed-out users.”

The purpose of your home page should be to convert viewers into subscribers and returning subscribers so they can watch more of your videos.

Here are 7 ways to optimize your channel homepage
and get more views to your videos

1. Channel banner

  • Keep the graphic simple and professional
  • Summarize what your channel is all about
  • Include upload schedule
  • Include a picture of yourself

2. Channel Trailer (new visitors)

  • Create a 60 second video that encapsulates the content of your channel
  • Invite viewers to subscribe and tell them why
  • The subscribe button will automatically pop-up at the end of the video

3. Featured video (returning subscribers)

  • Feature your most recently uploaded video or playlist

4. About page

  • Add a description that will motivate viewers to subscribe
  • Add custom links
  • Include an email for accepting business enquiries from potential clients or sponsors

5. Sections

  • Place your best playlists into sections
  • Optimize each playlist by including a title, description and thumbnail (these will appear on your home page above each section and also when someone hovers over your channel icon).
  • Position your most popular content at the top
  • Create vertical and horizontal sections

6. Thumbnails

  • Since these are all images they are doing to catch the eye of your viewers.
  • Make sure they are all congruent, contain bright colors, have bold text and tell a story.

7. Get opinions from others
You’ve probably heard of the saying “ cannot see the forest for the trees” This means that a person cannot see the big picture because the focus is too much on the details.

When you view your own page, it’s difficult to be objective because you see it all the time. Instead, get opinions from others by asking “what elements stand out on my homepage that would motivate you to subscribe to my channel”. If there’s nothing that inspires them, you know it’s time to raise your game.

Now you know the 7 main elements to optimize
on your YouTube Channel Homepage

If you want to learn how to grow your audience on YouTube and
generate views and subscribers on autopilot check out my
YouTube Marketing Course at: TubeVideoBootCamp.com

How To Evaluate Your YouTube Channel

Do you want to grow your YouTube channel,
and get more views and subscribers?

There are so many factors that make a successful channel, that’s difficult to know which one you should focus on to get the most growth. In the video below, I’m going to evaluate the 4 main elements of my current YouTube channel so you can evaluate your own channel and make the necessary changes, to boost your own channel growth.

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Here are the 4 main elements to evaluate
your own YouTube channel.

1. Channel Art

If I look at my channel banner it clearly states what my channel is all about, and also includes my website address. I think it could be improved by including the upload schedule. I could also do with a more professional design with some more graphics in it.

Next is the channel trailer. I’ve got a trailer named..”Get more traffic and leads on YouTube.” It’s very prominent. This is for new visitors. I’ve got( in my video) “to subscribe to my channel to receive new video tutorials every week” that could be improved by mentioning specific days of the week. I’ve got “to download my free report, YouTube editing secrets.” That could be changed to a new report.

Next to my video I have text that says..”I upload new video tutorials every Monday and Wednesday, make sure you’re subscribed to my channel.” I could probably change that to why you should subscribe. The channel trailer video should summarize what your channel is all about.

For returning subscribers, I’ve got a video on, “How to advertise on YouTube for beginners.” This is a featured video. If I click the edit button, then I can feature a video or playlist so I can select a different video for the featured video. Also, I can choose a latest upload or a latest activity. I might want to change the featured video to something else that’s more relatable, because this is two years old.

I’ve also got a picture of myself as a channel icon. If I hover over the pencil I can actually edit the channel icon and upload a different photo. This appears on my Google Plus account. I can probably replace it with an updated photo.

I’ve also got channel banner links here, “21 ways to get free traffic is my lead magnet. I also have my social media links. If you want to change these links, you can just click on the pencil icon. I can edit my channel art or I can edit the links.

2. About Page

You’ve got up to 5 custom links that can be put on your channel banner. I’ve got the lead magnet. I’ve got the Facebook group. I’ve got a tip jar, Twitter and subscribe. You also want to add an email address in case you want businesses to contact you, and you definitely want to include a description for your channel. You also have the option of adding featured channels and related channels.

3. Sections

I have a number of sections on the home page. I’ve got YouTube channel growth, keyword research, how to rank videos, how to get more subscribers, how to make money, how to master YouTube advertising, and how to create clickable YouTube thumbnails and live streaming.

If you want to add a section, just click on, “add a section”. You can select the content. I suggest adding a playlist. You can add popular uploads, multiple playlists, but I’d suggest add a single playlist then you can choose horizontal row or vertical list. I’d suggest adding a title and a description for each of your playlists.

To edit a playlist, you just go up to playlists. For instance, I’ve got YouTube channel growth here. I’ve got the title to my playlist, a thumbnail from a playlist and also I’ve got a description. These are all the videos in my playlist. I can change these if I hover over “more”. I can move any playlists to the top or to the bottom. I can add notes, and I can set a playlist thumbnail.

I can also optimize the playlist settings, so I can set it as an official series for this playlist.

If you don’t see links under your channel banner especially if it’s a new channel, then you want to activate the channel layout. Click on the cog icon, then make sure that the slider is moved to the right, so customize the layout of your channel. To show the discussion tab, make sure that’s it’s also to the right.

4. Video SEO

If we look at your videos, make sure you have a good title includes your keywords. Make sure the first few lines summarize what your video is about, because this is what viewers will see when they first see your video. They won’t see the rest of your description. If you want to include a link to a lead magnet, then also include this in your description and put it in the first three lines. The rest of the description you can include a paragraph that says “share this video with your friends.” You can also add related videos, include your playlists, invite people to subscribe, and add your social media links. You might also want to include a disclaimer, if you have any affiliate links.

For tags, if you want to include your main title in the first tag then use related keyword phrases in your other tags. Make sure you also include your channel username in one of your tags. Your video will show up in suggested videos. The start of your video should grab viewers’ attention right away. I’ve added a text box here…”How do you remove the background but keep the original image” to stimulate people to check out the rest of the video? Once you finish the introduction, go straight into the meat of the video. Also, include card or cards throughout the video to encourage interaction.

In this video, I’ve also included a card that invites people to download my lead magnet, the video upload checklist. Then at the end I’ve added an end card that invites people to check out my other videos and also subscribe to my channel. Before your video goes live, add a custom thumbnail. Make the design of your thumbnails very similar by having clear bold text and maybe a picture of yourself. As you can see here it looks very congruent on my homepage and also on the playlist page. Also, when people watch my playlist they can see all the similar thumbnails here.

Also before you publish a video, you might want to upload a transcription. If you go to subtitle or CC, you can just click add new subtitles or CC or English automatic. Here if I click on English and click edit, then you can see I’ve edited the automatic transcription of my video. This helps people who can’t see or hear your video to still understand the content.

Here are 3 important things to keep in mind.

1. Know your target audience
Research the topics that your audience wants to watch.

2. Be consistent
Make sure you upload videos on a consistent basis. I’ve been uploading two new videos every week for a couple of years.

3. Continue to evaluate your channel and make improvements.
Check your analytics to watch your real-time views.
Check your watch time, audience retention, demographics and traffic resources.

Now, you know the steps to evaluate your own YouTube channel to boost its growth and get more views and subscribers. Click the card Download my YouTube channel evaluation worksheet. You’ll receive a step-by-step checklist that will help you evaluate your own YouTube channel. You’ll also get links to specific YouTube tutorials to show you how to make the necessary improvements.

If you want to learn how to grow your audience on YouTube and
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YouTube Thumbnail Design Tips And Tricks – Top 10

Do you want to improve the clickability
of your YouTube Thumbnails?

YouTube says “more clicks lead to more views and watch time on your videos.”

In the video below I share the Top 10 design tips and tricks to make your thumbnails win the click.

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The purpose of your YouTube thumbnail is get the first click otherwise your videos won’t get watched. If your videos receive little or no views your channel won’t grow.

Here are 10 tips and tricks for improving the
design of your YouTube thumbnails:

1. Create a snapshot of your video
Your thumbnail is like taking a peek inside a window to see what’s inside. The thumbnail must represent the content of your video and the words and images in your thumbnail should motivate people to click on it.

2. Use high resolution images
Shoot for a resolution of 1920 x 1080 pixels so when the large image gets reduced to a small thumbnail image, on Google, YouTube or mobile devices it can still be clearly seen.

Consider shooting high resolution images of your face using a high definition camera instead of just taking a screen capture image of your video. This will make them really pop when used in your thumbnail.

3. Display emotion or intrigue
People see new faces in their everyday lives and are often intrigued by them therefore Include your face in your thumbnail. Viewers will immediately recognize the thumbnail is associated with your channel because there’s only one face like yours in the world.

Grab viewers attention by showing emotion (excitement, sadness, shock) or intrigue on your face. This will help liven up your image and get more people to click on it.

4. Tell a story
Think of your thumbnail as the beginning of a journey you want to take your viewer on. It starts with your thumbnail then proceeds to your title, video content then call to action.

Thumbnails and titles should tell a cohesive story encouraging viewers to click and watch.

5. Use contrasting colors
Utilize colors that compliment each other such as white text on a solid color background.

6. Use filters to make your thumbnail pop
If you’re using the free online graphics tool Canva.com, adjust the brightness, contrast and saturation to make your images stand out.

To sharpen an image in your thumbnail (eg your face) move the blur tool to the left. This will make your image stand out in your thumbnail.

7. Consider adding a branding element
Including a logo and/or face across all your thumbnails helps viewers associate the thumbnail with your channel. This will motivate them to watch more of your videos.

8. Use few words
Too many words on a small image makes it difficult to read. Just use 2-3 words from your title using a bold font so it stands out on the image. Alternatively select a couple of different words that describe the main point you want to get across instead of using the same words as in your title.

If your background image is too busy consider placing a contrasting outline around the text or place your text on a solid color shape to increase visibility (see examples in the video)

9. Get audience feedback
Test different thumbnail designs by getting feedback from your audience. When you’ve settled on a design that you and your viewers are happy with use it as a template for future videos.

10. Check if your thumbnails deliver
Click on the audience retention report in YouTube Analytics to see if your viewer watches all the way through your video or immediately leaves. If you see a sudden drop in the first few seconds, this could mean that the video content wasn’t what viewers expected when they clicked into your video.

Let me ask you an important question
What software are you currently using to create your YouTube Thumbnails?
Post your answer in the comments below. I love to read them and you’ll help others too.

If you want to learn how to grow your audience on YouTube and
generate views and subscribers on autopilot check out my
YouTube Marketing Course at: TubeVideoBootCamp.com

The Biggest YouTube Marketing Mistake (and how to avoid it)

Are you struggling to grow your YouTube Channel?
Do you want to get more views and subscribers?

In the video below you’ll discover the biggest marketing
mistake most beginner YouTubers make and learn several ways to avoid it.

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One of the biggest mistakes I’ve noticed with beginner YouTubers is that they haven’t clearly defined the purpose bi their channel.

They film a video, cupload it to YouTube and hope it gets thousands of views. When it receives little or no Iviews they get discouraged and give up or say YouTube doesn’t work as a vehicle for driving traffic to your business.

This is absolutely untrue.

My Story

I’ve been creating and uploading videos to YouTube for several years. The result is that videos I uploaded years ago still help build my list and generate sales on autopilot. That means you do the work once and get paid over and over for years to come. I’ve also helped many people build andv grow their channels from all different niches|

Here’s how YouTube can work for you…

1. Traffic generating machine
YouTube is a traffic generating machine. Over 5 billion videos are watched every day on YouTube. If you know how to tap into that traffic you’ll be able to market your products and services successfully.

2. Search engine
YouTube is the second largest search engine on the Net after Google and it’s owned by Google. That means if people are searching online for answers or solutions to a problem in your market, then YouTube marketing will help you build your list and your business.

The key is to optimize your videos correctly so they automatically attract viewers into your marketing funnel. This will then build your list, generate new leads and gain new customers.

3. Converts views into customers
The primary purpose of your YouTube videos is not to get views. You may get 1000s of views but if they don’t convert them into new leads and customers then you’ll never grow your business.

The primary purpose of your YouTube videos is drive viewers into your marketing funnel so you can build your list and recommend people to purchase your products and services.

What does success on YouTube look like?

The true measure of your success on YouTube should be measured by how many leads and sales your videos generate not by how many views your videos get.

You don’t have to necessarily upload a ton of videos or get 1000s of views. The average YouTube video gets less than 100 views. For example I have several videos I uploaded several years ago that continually generate traffic, leads and sales. People constantly find them by entering their keyword phrase in the search engines.

I have other videos that continually promote my own products, service and affiliate products.

Here’s how to clearly define the purpose of your channel
Ask yourself these questions…

  • What products and/or services do you wish to sell?
  • Who is your target audience?
  • What problems do they have that I have solutions for?
  • If I was a viewer would I be compelled to watch my video until the end?
  • Would I want to share this video with my friends on social media?
  • Would I be motivated to join my list and/or purchase my product or service?

Here’s how to create rengaging videos

If you answered “no” to the 3 previous questions then create videos that engage your audience from the beginning.

Grab your viewers attention in the first 10 seconds of your video by promising a benefit (your viewer is thinking “what’s in it for me?”) This will compel them to continue watching the video so they can receive the benefit you promised.

You should also outline the benefits of sharing the video with their friends, joining your list and subscribing to your channel.

Make use of strong calls-to-action that tell your viewers what you want them to do, how to do it, and make it easy for them to do it. For example, if you want them to join your list say something like “Click the card icon to download my video upload checklist, you’ll learn the 10 things you need to do before going live on YouTube.”

Here are some important things to keep in mind

YouTube Marketing is a marathon not a sprint.
For example your first few videos may only get a few views because you haven’t built up an audience yet. As you create and upload more videos, they’ll get found in the search engines and your traffic will begin to snowball.

Be consistent
The key is to be upload new videos on a consistent schedule that addresses the problems, needs and desires of your target audience.

Create evergreen content
Create videos with content that you know will never go out of date. If these videos rank on the first page of YouTube and/or Google they will generate traffic, leads and sales, 24/7 for years to come (without paying any employees).

Let me ask you an important question
What’s the purpose of your YouTube Channel?
Post your answer in the comments below.
I’d love to read them and others would too.

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How To Make Better YouTube Thumbnails

Do you want to attract more viewers and get more watch time on your YouTube videos?

In the video below, I’m going to share with you 5 killer tips to make better YouTube thumbnails that will get viewers to click on them. I’ll also share three tools to easily create your thumbnails, examples of good thumbnails from other YouTubers and some very important things to keep in mind when making your thumbnails.

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So what makes a good eye catching thumbnail?

1. Choose an image that describes your video.
During the filming of a video, take shots that you can use later on for your thumbnails. Each video deserves a unique thumbnail.

2. Design an image that motivates your viewers to click on it.
Make sure you use a high resolution images so your thumbnail displays clearly at all sizes and all screens. Your thumbnail image should have a resolution of 1280×720 pixels. Check out other thumbnails on YouTube to see if your thumbnail will stand out from the others. Consider adding branding such as your face, logo, text to make the image more interesting.

3. Tell a story with your thumbnail and title.
Make sure your thumbnail and title, tell a cohesive and compelling story about your video. Try to captivate your viewers by adding an element of intrigue, empathy or other emotion. Create a few title and thumbnail combinations and ask your friends which one would they click on.

4. Make sure your thumbnails look great at all different sizes.
Over 50% of all YouTube views now come from mobile, therefore make sure your thumbnails look great whether on a large screen or a small screen so mobile users don’t have to squint and strain to figure out what the video is all about. Make sure your font is big enough to read on small and large screens.

Here are 3 examples of well designed
thumbnails from other YouTubers.

VSAUCE makes good use of faces.
Team Edge displays a clear logo in the bottom left of their thumbnails.
Zak George’s Dog Training rEvolution tells a story in their dog training thumbnails.

5. Measure the effectiveness of your YouTube thumbnails.
Go to YouTube analytics, see if your thumbnails are attracting and engaging viewers. The beauty of custom thumbnails is that you can change them at any time. Visit the audience retention report for a specific video,and examine the first 10 to 15 seconds. If you see a sudden drop off, this may mean that your video didn’t meet the expectations of the title and thumbnail combination. Consider updating the thumbnails and titles of videos that see a sudden dip in audience retention at the beginning of your video.

Here are 3 online tools to create your YouTube custom thumbnails.

1. Canva is a free online graphics tool where you can chose many different templates to create your thumbnails.
Click here to watch the video tutorial

2. TubeBuddy is a free Chrome extension where you can create thumbnails right inside your YouTube channel.
Click here to watch the video tutorial

3. YouTube Slicer is a paid thumbnail generator that allows you to easily create YouTube thumbnails from over 80 different templates.
Click here to watch the video review

Here are some important things to keep in mind when creating your YouTube thumbnails.

  • Use high contrast images
  • Use complementary colors
  • Pick an image that intrigues
  • Make sure your text is clear and bold
  • Consider branding your thumbnails
  • Add a logo or image so it’s clear that the thumbnail belongs to your channel
  • Upload custom thumbnails for videos that don’t have one
  • Replace your old designed thumbnails with newly designed thumbnails so your video gets more clicks
  • Continually test, experiment and analyze to make better thumbnails

Let me ask you an important question
Are you happy with the current design of your YouTube thumbnails?
Post your answer in the comments below. I would love to read them and others would too.

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How To Use Playlists On YouTube To Get More Views and Subscribers

Did you know that the YouTube playlist, can also rank in the search engines, resulting in more views on your channel?

In the video below, you’ll discover the top benefits of using playlists to grow your YouTube channel, the types of playlists to use, where to add them on your channel, how to create and optimize them and how to track their performance.

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Here are the top benefits of using playlists…

1. Get more traffic views and subscribers.
2. Boost session watch time.
3. Playlists also rank in search.
4. Add playlists to you social media sites. You’re going to add more videos to the multiple playlists. You can add other people’s videos to your playlists to extend session watch time.

Types of playlists

Regular palylists
With the regular playlist you can add videos to multiple playlists. For example, one particular video might relate to several playlists.

Series playlists
This is an official playlist. You can only add one video to this particular playlist. The beauty of an official playlist is that YouTube will serve the best videos based upon the browsing history of the viewer.

How do you create and optimize a playlist from scratch?

Log in to your YouTube channel homepage, click playlists, click new playlist, add a playlist title (I’ll cal this “test”), click create, click add a description, click playlist settings, set the playlist privacy to public.

Ordering – you can set it to manual, date added newest, date added oldest, most popular, date published newest, date published oldest. Or you c an check the box….”add new videos to the top of playlists.”
I’m going to select “date added newest”

Under additional options, you can set as official series for this playlist, check that box. If you hover over the question mark it says, “Use this setting for sets of videos uploaded to your channel as part of an official series. A video cannot appear in more than one series playlist. YouTube may use this information to modify how the videos are presented or discovered.”

Then allow embedding.

You can also auto-add, so you can “define rules for videos to automatically be added to this playlist.” Title contains– You can add your words to that box, the description contains or tag.

You can also click collaborate. “Collaborators can add videos to this playlist.”

Click add videos, then do a videos search. If I search for cats, I get all the videos here for cats. I can add cat videos from other channels. If I click on URL, I can add a video URL in one of my videos or I can go to “Your YouTube videos”, and I can add any of these videos from my channel to the playlist. I’ll select this one. Click “add videos” and here is a video added to my playlist. If I click on more, I can move it to the top, move it to the bottom, I can also add/edit notes.

I can add a description for this specific video which will help it to rank in the search engines. Click “set as playlist thumbnail“. That means that the thumbnail for this video will appear as a thumbnail for my playlist. Then I can just add more videos if I wish. I can add a video to the top, or I can move it to the bottom.

Where should you add playlists on your channel?

Channel Homepage.
When you add sections channels to your homepage, make sure you add your best playlist to the first section. When the viewer scrolls through your channel homepage make sure you guide them through the best content so you can get them to subscribe.

End screen.
When the viewer comes to the end of your video, you want them to continue watching more of your videos. Therefore introduce a playlist that is related to the content that they’ve just watched. This will motivate them to watch more of your videos which YouTube loves.

Add a YouTube playlist to one of your cards especially if you notice a drop-off point in YouTube analytics. If your viewer leaks your video and clicks on a YouTube playlist, in your card and continues watching more of your videos, YouTube will reward you for that.

When you write your YouTube playlist to your YouTube description, if people are scrolling down to check your description, then they will be more encouraged to watch more of the videos when they click on the YouTube playlists.

Embed on your website or blog
One of the highest ranking factors for getting your web page listed on Google is when a visitor spends more time on your web page. If you embed a YouTube playlist on your website or blog then your visitor will be more inclined to stay on that page watching more of your videos.

Add to social media sites
When you add your YouTube playlist to your social media sites, your viewers will be more inclined to watch video after video.

Here’s how to track the performance of your YouTube playlist…

Go into YouTube analytics, check playlists, scroll down to check the top ten videos of your playlist. Check the watch time and views for each video in the last 28 days. Check the gender, age, and demographics. Move the best performing videos to the top of your playlist. Your best one will have the most watch time.

Here are some important things to keep in mind when using YouTube playlists to get more views.

  • Plan ahead by thinking of a theme for your playlist, then create a series of videos that you can put in the playlist.
  • Place your strongest or best video at the top of your playlist.
  • All videos in a playlist should be relevant to each other.
  • Keep your playlists short so viewers will watch all your videos in your playlist.
  • Avoid adding a video to a playlist right away. When you first upload a video don’t add it to a playlist, instead, wait a couple of days then add it to your playlist so that it creates a new session ID.
  • Create a lot of playlists. Think of different themes that you can create for your playlist.
  • Update your playlist regularly with new content. If you got an old video that has been added to your playlist three years ago, replace it with new content that has been newly updated.

Let me ask you an important question…
How are you currently using playlists on your YouTube channel?
Post your answer in the comments below. I’d love to read them and others would too.

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