Content Management Software Solutions

Content Management Software provides community building through blogging, personalization, forums and message boards.
It helps build customer loyalty with subscriptions and RSS feeds. It allows you to easily manage lots of content from multiple

How do you decide what CMS software to use for the management of your web site content?
What CMS authoring tools should you use?

Let’s discuss a few different content management solutions:

Open Source

This is probably the most popular because it’s free to acquire, has lots of flexibility plus there is a very active Open Source
Community for support.


You have less control because the business selling the software hosts and maintains the CMS. This frees you from administrative
responsibilities and reduces the initial cost but will cost you more in the long term.


A commercial CMS designer builds the CMS application then sells it to you. You will be responsible for the maintenance. You have
more control but your initial costs will be expensive because it is custom built.


Many CMS sites are built for nonprofit companies sometimes. These types may be hosted or commercial. The features built into
them are geared towards the organization.

My recommendation

I strongly recommend Open Source Content Management Software because, it’s free, has hundreds of templates to choose from,
contains good documentation, plus provides lots of support from open source forums.

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