Content Syndication – Why you shouldn’t syndicate your article to 1000s of directories

Many online business owners realize that writing and submitting articles to content syndication sites are a great way drive traffic to their web sites and increase link popularity. They don’t realize that submitting to thousands of them may have a negative affect on their promotional efforts.

Top 3 reasons not to mass distribute your articles

1. Duplicate content

Distributing your article to many directories means it gets duplicated all over the Net. You have no control over the type of people that get your content from the directory then use it on their blog, web site or ezine. You may receive unwanted links from spam blogs and trash web sites. This will hurt your rankings in the search engines and therefore affect your profits.

2. Not all directories are created equal

New article directories spring up everyday with the hope of making money. They place adsense ads all over the article pages thus diluting the effectiveness of your content. Many of these directories are not monitored. They accept any kind of article, don’t check it for quality thus leaving it full of grammatical errors and spelling mistakes.

3. No strict editorial guidelines

A directory created and monitored by a single owner won’t be able to oversee the quality of articles submitted. The standard for measuring the quality of an article directory is They have a large staff that continuously monitors all submissions. They are always working on improving their web site to make help publishers get more traffic from their content and they immediately reject articles that don’t follow their editorial guidelines.

How to determine what directories to submit to

Here is an ordered list of article directories based on their google page rank and alexa rating. These 2 resources do not accurately reflect the traffic of a page however it still indicates the directory worth submitting to. A web site with a high alexa ranking means it is getting tons of traffic. A link from this type of directory is much more valuable than one which has a low ranking (less traffic and therefore less link reputation).

Top 26 article directories

article directories


Submit your article to the top 5 directories first then if you have extra time submit it the remaining ones. Don’t just rely on this method of article marketing but extend your audience by placing the article on your web site, blog, newsletter, ezine and/or convert it to audio, video, ebook or report.

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