Convert Blog to Static Site – Part 3

If you wish to create a static web site and keep all the benefits of a blog or content management system (CMS) then use Word Press to build it. I’ve used a few of the popular CMS products to build web sites however none of them is as easy to use as Word Press.

Benefits of Converting a Word Press Blog to a Static Site

1. Apply benefits of a blog

You receive all the benefits of Web 2.0 which focuses on visitor interaction and getting lots of traffic.

Read this article about how the top 10 benefits of a blog will be applied to a static site.

2. Easy installation, design and set-up

Word Press can be installed with one click from your web host (using fantastico and if it has this feature). Hundreds of Word Press templates are available, so you can choose a professional design that fits your business. It allows you to create numerous static sites quickly and easily.

3. Save time and money

Expensive design costs are avoided and your static site can be set-up very quickly because you don’t have to learn html. There is also no need to upload and download files using FTP. You can design, set-up and maintain the site yourself.

4. Easy maintenance

Content can be added to your static blog by logging in to your admininstration panel, by email or with adobe contribute (software that allows you to update numerous web sites without using FTP or learning html).

5. Simple and Flexible Content Management System (CMS)

Compared to Joomla, Word Press is a much easier system to learn particularly for newbies.

6. Easy to convert blog to static site

Conversion to a static site is achieved by uploading a theme, dragging and dropping widgets then adding content.

7. Many tutorials available

Video Tutorials: 4 Hours of video will take you from the beginning to getting your static site online. Suggested plugins and themes are also provided for quick and easy set-up.

If you want to create a static site (so it looks like a regular site and not a blog) and retain all the above benefits of a blog
please visit Static Blogging.

You will receive 4 hours of video tutorials, custom plugins and themes.


By using Word Press to convert a blog to a static site you have the ability to create an online presence for any type of niche whether it’s providing a service, building an online store, content management system, or a personal website.


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