EasyVSL 2.0 Review – Create a high-converting video sales letter in under 5 minutes.

Watch the video below for a quick overview of EasyVSL 2.0

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If you are a lot like me…

…you don’t want to have to pay hundreds or thousands
on a professional to create high-converting videos.

…you don’t want to spend all day messing around with
complicated software.

…you don’t want to waste time and energy creating
videos that don’t generate leads and sales.

EasyVSL, the video sales letter (VSL) software that 30k marketers ACTUALLY USE…
just got even better!

No Adobe Premiere, Sony Vegas Pro, Final Cut Pro that takes documentation the size of a dictionary to learn.

EasyVSL…up an running, with your first VSL ready to put in your sales page in 5-10 minutes.

Its just…

Paste Copy. Choose Design. Sync Audio. Export. Done!

On top of the core features 30k marketers have been
using already like…

– Creates Easy and Powerful Sales Videos
– Easy presentation style videos, faster then using
Powerpoint and way better quality!
– Point & Click Easy – Learning Curve is in Minutes
– Over 25+ Professional Slide Themes/Backgrounds
– Powerpoint-Easy Text & Graphics Editing
– Over 30+ Fonts
– Eye-Popping Slide Animation Options
– Easy 1-Click Audio/Slide Sync
– Upload-Ready, HD Quality Export in MP4 Format
– Direct Upload to YouTube Account
– Manage all VSLs in one Interface
– Save Hours, Even Days Creating High-Converting VSLs!

There is a whole bunch of new features in v2.0…[+] Revamped Timeline Editor: Completely revamped from the ground up to be more intuitive and user-friendly.

— Multi-Layer: Now you can add/import multiple audio
and video layers directly inside of the timeline.

— Audio Volume Control: Easily adjust the volume level
inside the timeline, without having to use a 3rd party
audio editing program.

— Misc Improvements: timeline snapping, zoom-in/zoom-out,and ability to
make cuts in your audio/video files.

[+] Added Transitions, Animations, & Effects: Not only have a bunch more slide transitions been added, but now you have the ability to add animations and effects to your text as it comes on to the slide.

[+] Build-In Audio Recording: Record and edit your audio directly in the timeline.[+] Text-to-Speech (TTS): Chose one of our natural sounding voices to read the text on each of your slides, creating an audio file that can be used for your EasyVSL video.

[+] 1-Click Publishing: Publish to popular video sites like YouTube, Vimeo, Wistia, VeeRoll and Google Videos.[+] Quick Keys: Work your way around EasyVSL much faster and more effectively using Quick Keys.[+] Export Slides to PDF: Export your EasyVSL slides into a
PDF, for sharing and presentations.

The best part is EasyVSL is Adobe Air based, which means is runs
smoothly on both Mac and PC.

Click here to watch a live demo, plus see all of the features above in action.

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unlimited number of videos with a ONE-TIME investment.


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