Evaluate, Optimize, Set Goals To Succeed In 2012

What did you accomplish in 2011?
Have you evaluated what caused success or failure in 2011?
Have you created a road map for success in 2012?
Have you written down the goals you wish to accomplish in 2012?

Have you ever read the phrase…”If you keep doing what you’ve done in the past year you’ll still be in the same place the following year.” This is not necessarily a bad thing if what you’ve done has produced profitable results however there is always for improvement.

1. List your accomplishments

It’s easy to just think what goals didn’t get fulfilled however by listing your accomplishments you can capitalize on them. For instance if you created an ebook that sold well perhaps you can expand upon the content by creating an e-course so people can follow a step-by-step program that shows them how to be successful on that specific topic.

2. Evaluate your successes and failures

Evaluate all aspects of your online business to see what caused your success or failure. 80% of your business results come from 20% of what you’re doing correctly therefore you need to evaluate what worked and what didn’t. This will help you to focus on the things that really matter and eliminate the tasks that only consume time and are unproductive.

Here’s a list of some things for you to evaluate:

Website Design

Do you still have an old design that doesn’t attract visitors?
Is your website mobile friendly..able to easily be viewed on mobile phones and tablets?
Is it fast loading..loads in a few seconds?
Is your site optimized for the search engines?
Does your site currenty have an opt-in form so you can follow-up on visitors?


  • Are you tracking your monthly visitors, where they are coming from and the keywords they are using to find your website in the search engines?
  • What traffic generation methods generate the most results?
  • What methods have little or no effect?
  • What new traffic methods do you want to try?


  • Which products are selling well and why?
  • Is your current web copy converting visitors into customers?

3. Create a list of goals

Happiness is achieved when your goals are fulfilled. First make a list of broad goals ie “I want to have more free time so I can travel and spend more time with my family.” After listing them create more specific goals ie “I want to make 100K this year or $8,400 per month.”

4. Create an action plan

For every goal you want to achieve create a plan of action. For instance if you want to write an ebook commit yourself to writing one hour each day for 4 weeks or until the content is completed. If you just say I’ll do it when I have time or feel like it, it will never get completed. Make a deadline for each goal.

5. Prioritize your daily tasks

It’s easy to create a list of ideas but it’s much harder to bring them to fulfillment. When you have too many things on your plate you can easily get overwhelmed and end up not doing anything or very little because you are overwhelmed.

Prioritize your daily tasks by working on the most important ones first. It’s easy to just work on easy ones first then procrastinate on the difficult ones.

6. Reward yourself

When you’re working for yourself you don’t have others complementing or encouraging you therefore take time to reward yourself or join an online forum to share your goals with others working in the same field.

7. Balance your business goals with your spiritual, family and educational goals.

“All work and no play makes a dull person.” You’ve probably read about people achieving great success in their business but have failed marriages. Keep your work in perspective by balancing the other goals in your life otherwise you’ll burn out.

Now take out a piece of paper to evaluate your business, look for ways to optimize it then set-up your goals so you have a road map for success in 2012.

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