Excel to mySQL: How to Use Excel to Import/Export Tables to/from a MySQL Database

excel to mySQL

So you have an excel spreadsheet containing data you want to import into a mySQL database. You don’t want to spend time creating a database, then manually creating the fields then adding in the data. An easy way to accomplish this is to use software that will do it for you. It enables you to import excel data directly into a mySQL database or export the data to excel without knowing how mySQL works.

What it does

This software works within Excel as an addin so you don’t have to leave Excel while you work however you must have Excel 2000 or higher.

How to Use Excel to Export Tables to a MySQL Database

1. Install the software

Download and install the software from http://www.sobolsoft.com/excelmysql/. Open Excel to check if the addin appears at the top of your sheet as mySQL.

2. Create a mySQL database on the server

Login to cpanel (web hosting panel) to create a new database, username and password then add the username to the database.

3. Create and test MySQL connection

Click on the mySQL addin at the top of Excel. A drop down list will appear displaying a number of options. Select the first option “Set-up mySQL database connection to test your connection works.

4. Export Excel to mySQL

Click on the mySQL drop down again and select “Export entire excel cell selection as mySQL table.” This will create a database on the server displaying the exact fields and data as in Excel.

5. Import existing MySQL to Excel

To export MySQL to Excel select “Import existing MySQL Table at selected Excel Cell.” You could also achieve this by using phpadmin in cpanel, selecting the database you created and downloading it as a .csv file.

Now you have a quick and easy way to store your Excel tables in a mySQL database.

Watch the video below for a quick tutorial:

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