Fast Keyword Analysis Research – 3 Free SEO Tools

Whenever I need to write an article or add content to a
web page that needs targeted keywords, I do some quick
research first. This helps me to quickly see how many
searches are produced for a specific keyword entered in the
search engines.

If these keywords are included in your content
there is a greater probabability your web page
or article will be picked up by the search engines.

This ultimately means more traffic and sales.

2 free research tools I often use are:

1. Google AdWords Tool

This tool displays a list of keywords related to the ones
you already thought of so you get a broader reach.

2. Wordtracker Keyword Suggestion Tool

This tool quickly shows you the number of searches
for your chosen keyword.

I recommend this method only if you have limited time
for your research. If you have more time you
should also analyze:

competing sites
link popularity
site statistics

For more comprehensive research I utilize all
the tools provided by:

Search It

This will give you a more accurate assessment.


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