How To Feature a Video Or Playlist On Your YouTube Home Page For Returning Subscribers

Did you know that viewers that have already subscribed
to your channel will not see your channel trailer?

Only unsubscribed visitors will actually see it. Returning subscribers will see a video under the heading “what to watch next” The best way to promote a new video to returning subscribers is to use featured content.

Featured content enables you to embed a chosen video or playlist across all the videos on your YouTube Channel. It also ensures that returning subscribers will see your featured content first.

Here’s how to feature a chosen video on your YouTube home page:

  • For new visitors I’ve got my channel trailer here
  • If I click on “for returning subscribers” it’s got “what to watch next”
  • So you just click on the pencil icon you’ve got “choose a video or playlist to feature here”…”featured content won’t show if you’re live streaming”
  • So we’ve got “feature content” and this can show on all your uploads
  • You’ve also got “default content” this appears if the featured content has been seen already or if nothing is selected. The default setting can either be a most recent upload that your viewer has not yet seen or it can be the most recent activity that your viewer has not yet seen. For example this could be a liked video or playlist
  • Click “feature content”
  • We just choose a video that we want to feature on our home page
  • Let’s select this to advertise on YouTube for beginners
  • Click “save”
  • You have an option to add a heading for this content
    so I just put “check out this video”
  • Click “save” and I have the option to check a box
    to show it on all my uploads
  • Click the “edit”
  • I can select a different video
  • I can select “latest upload” or “latest activity”
  • Click “also show this on all my uploads”
  • Then you just click “done”

For returning subscribers they’ll see the video I just uploaded appear on my YouTube Channel Home page or if they’ve seen it already they’ll see a recently uploaded video.

The featured video will also appear as a banner across all the videos on my Channel. Currently I’ve placed it at the end of all my videos.

Now I’ve now got a featured chosen video on my YouTube home page so when subscribers return to my home page they’ll either see this video or if they’ve seen this video already, YouTube will show them a recent upload.

Keep in mind that your featured content will not only appear on your YouTube channel home page but will appear across all the videos on your YouTube channel.

That’s it!
Now you know How To Add a Featured Video or Playlist
On Your YouTube Channel Home Page For Returning Subscribers