How To See The Tags Of Any YouTube Video

Do you want to be able to see the keywords that
your competitors are using for their video tags?

For many years you could view the tags of any YouTube video directly below it’s description. Back in 2012 YouTube removed the tags from view because they were being abused.

Even though video tags are hidden from view, you should still use them so your videos can be found when somebody searches on Google or YouTube.

Getting tag ideas by spying on your competitors’ videos will help you generate more ideas for your own video tags. Just don’t abuse this feature by copying and pasting ALL your competitors’ tags.

How To Find The Tags For Any YouTube Video:


  • Install the VidIQ Chrome extension at:
  • Click “Install Chrome Extension”
  • Make sure that you are using the chrome browser
  • For you video, it will give you the video IQ score, number of views, number of subscribers, likes, FB shares, etc. So it gives you a lot of valuble statistics for your video.
  • You can also see all the tags that have been used for the video.
  • And to get them all just click on the clip button.
  • Copy all the tags (Command+C on the MAC or CTRL+C on the PC)
  • Paste all the tags into a text editor
    (Command+V on the MAC or CTRL+V on the PC)
  • Now you’ve got all the tags of that particular video

Some of the keywords used in the tags of this popular video you may never have thought of but you can use them in your own video.

Keep these 2 important things in mind:

1. Don’t abuse video tags
Avoid copying all the tags of a competitor’s video to use for your own. Instead sprinkle some of the tags that you never thought of for your own video.

2. Don’t keyword spam your tags
Avoid using the same keywords over and over again in your tags. Instead use secondary keyword phrases that include or are related to your main keyword.

Now you know how to find the tags for any YouTube Video.

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