Free WordPress Themes – Benefits of Using Templates

Instead of spending thousands of dollars for a customized design for your wordpress blog, you might want to look through the free wordpress themes to find a template that fits your business model.

Benefits of Using WordPress Templates

1. Saves time

After installing your basic wordpress blog you can upload a new theme and start blogging immediately. If you wanted a custom design you will have to wait several weeks before it is completed.

2. Saves money

A customized design may cost you hundreds or even thousands of dollars. Selecting one of the free wordpress themes
will cost you nothing.

3. Wide selection

The wordpress community is very large and active so new themes are being produced continuously. After doing some research by visiting the links below, you should be able to find a template that fits the theme of your blog.

There are wordpress themes that cover many different categories, have 1, 2, 3, or 4 column designs for any colors you prefer.

4. Easy installation

To install a wordpress themes you simply need to upload a plug-in to your blog directory. Each theme usually provides a help file on how to do this. It can vary for different themes because they may contain different add-ins.

5. Easy customization

Most wordpress themes display a header image at the top of the blog. This can easily be replaced with your own header. Make sure it has the same dimensions, name it the same as the original header image and place it in the same folder of the original header image.

6. Easy to change

If you wish to change the template you are using, just select and upload another one in it’s place. This enables you to create maintain a fresh appearance to your blog.

7. Optimized for the search engines

Before you decide on a template, make sure it is optimized for the search engines or is easy to optimize.

Here are some things to check when selecting a wordpress template:

– validated html

– validated css (cascading style sheets)

– no broken links

– displays correctly in all major browsers

– displays correctly in different screen resolutions

– able to edit meta tags

– easy to add widgets


Free wordpress themes provide you with a fast, professional solution that allows you to easily build a blog for your business or organization without spending a lot of money.


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