Get New Business Leads Using YouTube Videos In 7 Easy Steps

The biggest problem for any business is to get new leads on a consistent basis. If this dries up you’ll stop getting new clients and soon be out of business. One of the best free strategies for solving this problem is to use YouTube videos. It will help you generate traffic, get new leads and make more sales.

Why YouTube?

  • Receives more than 1 billion unique users each month
  • Second largest search engine after Google (and Google owns YouTube)
  • Increases viewers’ engagement using sight, sound and text

Here are my 7 steps to get new business leads using YouTube videos

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1. Create an engaging 2-3 minute video

  • Start by telling viewers what your video is about and how it will benefit them
  • Provide a solution to a specific problem they are having
  • End your video with a strong call to action that redirects them to your landing page

2. Optimize your video

  • Title – create a catchy title that begins with your main keyword or keyword phrase
  • Description – this should contain a transcript of your video content. Add the title to the top of your description followed by the URL of your landing page.
  • Tags – Use your main keywords and related keywords in your tags.
  • Category – choose the same category for all your videos so they are all in the same location.
  • Privacy settings – set to private when initially uploading your video.
    Change to public after you’ve finished optimizing your video.

3. Create a landing page

  • Redirect viewers from your video to your landing page (or squeeze page) by offering a free report on ebook in exchange for their contact information.
  • Use associated website annotations within your video to make it easy for viewers to access your page.

4. Build relationships with your subscribers

People need to be contacted several times before they purchase anything online. It helps breaks down the barriers so they can begin to know, like and trust you.

Use an email autoresponder service such as Aweber to automatically send follow-up emails. This helps build relationships with the people who have opted in to your list.

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5. Recommend products and services

Provide valuable content first in your follow-up emails before recommending your products and services. In other words offer value that will help build and/or promote their business.

6. Promote your videos

The more eyeballs you get to view your videos the greater number of leads you’ll receive. After uploading your video share it on your social media channels such as Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Tumblr. This will help get your video ranked on YouTube and Google resulting in more traffic.

7. Track your leads

  • Set a goal how many leads you want to build up to by the end of each month.
  • Track how many leads you get (ie 10/day) each day.
  • Monitor the performance of your videos by using the analytics feature of your YouTube channel.
  • Review the quality of your video and your landing page copy if you’re not generating any leads
  • Ask for feedback from others as it’s often difficult to notice your own errors whereas others can.

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