Google’s Aging Delay for New Web Sites

If you set-up a new domain/web site and want to get good rankings in Google right away, you will need to wait 6-8 months before your web site appears.


Artificial Link Inflation

One major factor for getting good rankings for Google is building links to your web site. Unfortunately this has resulted in people abusing the system by artificially inflating their link popularity and page rank for new domains by buying links, using special software programs or creating link farms. A link farm is created when you build a lot of mini sites then exchange links between them or build link popularity to your main site by pointing your mini sites to it.

Google initiated the aging delay so people would stop abusing the system.

How can you work around the aging delay?

1. Plan ahead

If you need to create a new web site for a client, tell them they will have to wait 6-8 months before their site will appear in the Google search engine. In the meantime they should continue to create more content and build incoming links so when the aging delay is over their site will appear immediately and potentially obtain a good ranking.

2. Create temporary web pages

As soon as you purchase your new domain, create a few temporary pages immediately so you can cut down on the waiting time. Don’t wait until you have finished the site before you build links to it. Get other sites to point (link) to your new web site so Google knows your site exists. Continue to build high quality links to your web site even after your site appears to improve your rankings in Google and other search engines.

3. Create an AdWords campaign

If you need to generate immediate traffic to your web site, open an AdWords account. This will also help you quickly see what keywords within your ads get the most clicks. Keep running the AdWords campaign until the aging delay has passed and your site starts appearing in Google’s organic listings (results that appear on the left side of the page).

If immediate web traffic is crucial to the success of your business, run an Overture campaign as well. MSN, AllTheWeb, AltaVista & Yahoo receives paid results from Overture whereas Lycos, HotBot, AOL, Ask Jeeves, Iwon, Netscape & Teoma receive paid results from Google AdWords.


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