List Building: Honor Your Customers To Boost Response Rates

When building a list of potential customers from all your web properties it’s easy to forget they are human beings that have the same or similar wants and desires as yourself. When sending a message to your list of 2000 or more subscribers avoid viewing them as just a list. Instead treat them as if you’re having a conversation with a friend sitting opposite you. If you practice this you’ll get a much better response from your list because you’re writing will be more personable.

Why You Should Honor Your Customers

When you honor a customer you honor yourself.

Giving honor to someone can be compared to a cork in a bottle where the water symbolizes honor and the cork represents the person receiving honor. When you add more water to the bottle the cork rises. If you don’t add water the cork will remain in the same position. Similarly when you continuously give honor to your customers it encourages them to do better plus you also benefit because they’ll want to purchase your products or services.

For example if you honor your wife for cooking she’ll continue to produce great meals. On the other hand if you dishonor her by complaining about her cooking it won’t make her a happier person. The result may be less great meals.

How to honor your customers

1. Show gratitude

Your customers took the time to subscribe to your list or purchase your product therefore you should honor them by thanking them and continually offering valuable information. It’s easy to get lazy and simply copy information from other marketers however this will cause you to loose customers.

2. Be objective

Instead of thinking from your own viewpoint try to place yourself in the position of your customer and think what information or product would benefit them. For example you may have a great idea for a product and invest hundreds of dollars and many weeks creating and marketing the product only to find out later there is little or no interest. This means you’ve wasted time and money because you didn’t think from the viewpoint of your customer.

3. Stay in touch

Customers often don’t hear from a company after they’ve purchased the product. Studies have shown it easier to sell to someone who has already bought something rather than someone who hasn’t purchased anything yet. The key to running a successful business is to build long-term relationships with your customers. To achieve this you need to communicate with them on a regular basis. This can easily be accomplished by setting up a series of autoresponder follow-up messages that can be sent automatically each week over several months.

4. Offer value

If there is no value in what you are offering, your customers will lose interest and go elsewhere. Continuously honor them by providing valuable tips, latest news, free reports and product recommendations to help build their business.

Giving honor to your customers generates good karma. Opportunities will present themselves to you as you increase the level of honor you provide. Begin honoring your customers today by thanking them and offering high-quality unique content.

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