How To Add A Subscribe Button / Watermark To All Videos On Your YouTube Channel

If you want to get more subscribers on YouTube in less than three minutes, watch the video below on how to add a subscribe button or watermark to all videos on your YouTube channel.

The subscribe watermark appears at the bottom right of all your videos. When viewers hover over the watermark, a subscribe button appears. When they click the red subscribe button, they’ll be directly subscribed your channel.

Here are steps to add a subscribe watermark across all the videos on your channel in less than three minutes.

– Login to your YouTube channel.
– Click studio beta.
– Click settings.
– Click channel. Click branding. I already have a subscribe watermark on all my videos.
– Click remove. It says watermark will overlay your video in the bottom right-hand corner of the video player.

Adding a video watermark to your content is a great way to improve brand awareness and channel recognition. You have to use a PNG or GIF format, 150×150 pixels, one megabyte or less. Images with one or two colors and a transparent background work best.

– Click choose image.
– Click open. It appears bottom right of my video, I can put it at the end of the video, custom start time, or entire video.I recommend custom start time, 10 seconds.
– Click save.

Let’s check the video….

Now you can see that subscribe watermark appears at the bottom right of my YouTube videos, and I did it in less than three minutes. When viewers hover over the watermark, a subscribe button appears. When they click the red subscribe button, they’ll be directly subscribed to your channel.

What if you don’t have a subscribe watermark image?
You have two choices.
1. You can download it from the net.
2. You can create it yourself.

Let me show you where you can download an image from the net.

Go to Google and enter YouTube subscribe button. Click Google search. Click images. Scroll down until you find a large YouTube subscribe image. Select a large image. Right click. Click save images. Then save it to your desktop.

Here’s how to create a custom subscribe watermark using

– Go to
– Click create a design.
– Click custom dimensions. We’re going to choose the dimensions, 800×800. – Click create new design. Let’s select the background color. We’ll select red for YouTube colors.
– Click the plus sign. Let’s make it a little redder. Select the white square and move it up a little bit. We’re going to add subscribe text at the bottom. – Click T to add text. We can select text from any of these down here. We’ll select title. We’ll get rid of this subheading. Click the trash icon. Click delete element. Move this down here. We’ll select the white color. We’ll change it to subscribe in capital letters.

Now we’re going to add a triangular subscribe button.

– Click elements.
– Click this triangle. We’ll change the color to match what we have.
– Move it up a little bit
– Rotate it.
– Shrink it a little bit and how you’re finished creating a subscribe button.
– Download the image to your desktop
– Upload it as a brand watermark.
– Click publish.
– Select PNG to download
– Click download.
– Rename the image file to “subscribe new”.

Now, you just follow the steps that I showed you at the beginning of this tutorial to add your subscribe watermark.

Let me ask you a question….

Do you want to learn nine more strategies to get more subscribers to your YouTube videos? If that’s a yes, watch my next video.

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