How to Add Google Adsense to Your Word Press Blog

If you ever had to add AdSense Ads to a static (not
database driven) web site, you know it requires a number of
steps ie

-Download the web page from the server to your computer.

-Copy and paste the AdSense code into your page.

-Save the the page and upload it to your server. Word Press
makes it very easy because you can use the

AdSense Deluxe Plug-in

Features and Benefits

-Use simple HTML comments for embedding AdSense or Yahoo!
Publisher Network ads in a WordPress post.

-Choose from any number of ad styles and format on a
post-by-post basis.

-Globally change ad styles -Selectively disable display of
individual ad styles or all ads -Integrated AdSense Preview

-All settings configured through WordPress Options
interface (no knowledge of plugins or PHP required)

-Easily test different ad formats and color styles across
(all, or)a range of blog posts.

-(Optionally) Apply CSS formatting to the AdSense code.

-Does not display live ads when editing a page, instead
placeholders are shown.

-Ads are EXCLUDED from RSS feeds even if you have full-text
feeds enabled.

-Preview your ad blocks from the AdSense-Deluxe options


-Make sure you have an updated version of Word Press. The
current version is 2.0.2 -Download the zip file to your

-Unzip it with Winzip or other unzipping software

-Copy the adsense-deluxe.php file into wp-content/plugins

-Go to the WordPress plugins admin panel then activate the
Adsense-Deluxe plugin.

-Go to WordPress Options then select “AdSense” from the
Options submenu to configure adsense the blocks.

How to Best Implement the AdSense Plug-in

-Copy your AdSense code from Google and paste it into the
form on the Options page. If this is the ad you be using
the most, name it “default”. Whenever you write a post you
will see the adsense drop down box on the right of your

-Click on “adsense” and it will insert into
whereever you want it within your post.

-View your post after saving the changes. You will see the
AdSense ads wherever you inserted the HTML comment.

-You can create different AdSense Blocks by giving each
block another name (for example, “wide_banner”, you would
use: .


-Blend the ads with the text and color of your blog.

-Place ads in strategic locations on the page ie top, side,

-Experiment with different types of ads ie banner,
skyscraper, link units.

-Create a different channel in your AdSense account for
each type of ad so you see which one is the most

-Monitor your ads. Check your stats often by logging to
your account.


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