How to Avoid Google’s Spam Filters

1. Google is stricter with new domain names so it’s more difficult to get high rankings with new domain names.
The older your web site is the better. New domain names have to prove they are trustworthy before they can get high rankings.

2. Strive to get good inbound links and work on them continuously. A good inbound link is one that compliments your site’s content, has a good ranking, attracts lots of traffic and does not use spammy techniques.

3. The longer other web sites link to your site and new web sites also begin to link to yours the more likely you’ll get high rankings.

4. Be sure to optimize the links to your site by including your main keywords in the link text.

5. Work on optimizing your web page content if you wish to improve the rankings for an old domain that already has lots of good inbound links.

6. A new domain needs to show Google it can be trusted by building correct links to your site from other web sites plus use good SEO methods to promote your web site on the search engines.

7. Valuable domains are often paid for several years in advance while doorway or throwaway domains are rarely used for more than a year. To determine the value of a domain, Google records the following information:

* the length of the domain registration (one year to several years)
* the address of the web site owner, the admin and the technical contact
* the stability of data and host company
* the number of pages on a web site (web sites must have more than one page)

8. Google may also check the information of a name server in several ways. For example, good name servers might have a mix of different domain names from different registrars.

Bad name servers might host mainly adult or doorway domains.


Whether you have an old domain or registered a new domain you can avoid Goggle’s spam filters by continuously adding new content, Obtaining high quality inbound links from other sites, hosting with a reputable company and registering your domain name for several years in advance. Building an online business that gets lots of traffic takes persistence over a period of time.

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