How to Backlink – 7 ways to build natural backlinks

In my previous article I discussed the benefits of backlinks but did not explain how to build them. If it’s not done correctly your website could be penalized by experiencing a drop in search engine rankings.

How not to backlink

Have you been tempted to purchase a service that sells a package of 1000s of backlinks? It’s easy to get sucked into these deals because most webmasters know they need backlinks to improve their rankings but don’t know the consequences. The downside is that Google and other search engines know when there’s a sudden surge of incoming links pointing to your site because it didn’t occur naturally. Instead they want to see a steady increase of links over time from different web properties. Avoid the temptation to get backlinks unnaturally by purchasing link packages or software that builds backlinks automatically. It may work in the short term but will have a detrimental affect over the long term.

7 ways to build natural backlinks

1. Create valuable content

This is the best way to naturally acquire backlinks because it’s done without asking, purchasing backlink packages or using software. For instance when I read an article containing several nuggets of valuable information that benefits my business I’ll link to it, leave a comment and/or pass it on to my friends. The content can be in the form of a blog post, video, article or even a podcast.

2. Article marketing

Ezine publishers, blog and website owners are constantly looking for new content to satisfy content hungry visitors. It’s not easy to always create the content yourself because you’ve either run out of ideas or just don’t have time.

To get backlinks from writing articles provide several tips on how to solve a specific problem in your niche. Use the resource box at the end of your article to add your website address and a call to action. Submit the article to article directories, ezine publications or offer it as a guest blog post on a blog related to your industry. If readers like your content they’ll link to it, publish it and share it with others resulting in lots of natural backlinks.

3. Forum marketing

Become a member of a popular forum in your niche. Make sure you include your website address (backlink) in your forum signature. You can tell if the forum is popular by the amount of threads, thread responses and viewing the dates of the responses. If there’s been no replies for several days or weeks it means the forum is not active and will only waste your precious time.

Participate in the conversation by answering or asking questions then include your forum signature (containing your URL) with each response.

4. Blog commenting

Search for popular blogs in your niche and comment on the post by adding your opinion. Most blogs include a box for adding your website address. Instead of commenting on multiple blogs establish relationships with a few in your industry by subscribing to their blog (via RSS or email) and being a consistent commenter.

5. Become a guest blogger

If you establish a good relationship with the owner of a blog related to your niche (as mentioned above) ask to become a guest blogger by offering some of your best content. You’ll not only benefit from the extra traffic but obtain a high quality backlink from the URL included in your bio at the end of your article.

Search engines now include blog comments in their results therefore encourage your visitors to share your content.

6. Video marketing

Did you know that YouTube is the second largest search engine after Google? You can get high quality backlinks by including your URL in the description meta tag of your video. Just like articles if your video contains high quality content people will link to it by passing it on to their friends, leaving comments or even video responses.

7. Ebook marketing

The beauty of an ebook or report is that all the information is structured and organized so it’s easy to read, follow and take action unlike a single blog post or article.

Natural backlinks can be obtained by offering your ebook as a free download, including links within the content and by submitting your ebook to ebook directories.

Building backlinks naturally is more rewarding than purchasing link packages or using automated link building software. It prevents your website from getting penalized (resulting in lowered rankings) for unnatural link building practices resulting in higher rankings, increased traffic and more sales.

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