How To Be Consistent On YouTube

Are you having trouble uploading videos
to YouTube on a consistent basis?

Uploading videos to your channel consistently will keep current
subscribers engaged and attract new subscribers.

You’ll also see consistent growth of your YouTube Channel as
your videos get discovered in YouTube and Google.

So you need to have a plan otherwise your channel will die.

Watch the video below…

Here are the 7 tips for how to upload YouTube videos consistently…

  1. Create a list of content ideas
    Use a content calendar such as Trello to plan out ideas ahead of time. If you do this you’ll avoid staring at a blank computer screen when it’s time to write a script for your video.
  2. Write a script for each new video
    Scripting your video content will make it easier for what to say when recording your video instead of doing it by the seat of your pants. It will help keep your content organized and make it easier for viewers to consume.
  3. Schedule shooting time
    Block out a certain time every week for recording your videos.
    Save time by batch shooting several videos on the same day.
  4. Schedule editing time
    Block out time for editing your videos. So if you shoot your videos on Monday, you could edit them on Tuesday or spread them out over several days of the week.
  5. Stick to a publishing schedule
    Choose the day or certain days of the week to upload a new video and stick to it. So if you publish once a week you could schedule your video to be uploaded every Monday. I often use YouTube’s scheduling feature so the video goes “live” before I even get up the next morning.
  6. Publish different types of videos
    It’s better to create videos that generate high engagement and take less time to produce than to not upload any videos at all. Not every video has to be a high production. For example, create a video that answers a question a viewer posted in the comments section.
  7. Communicate a publishing schedule
    Tell viewers how often you release new videos. Also tell them in your video description, your channel banner, in your channel trailer, and on your about page.

Now you know the 7 tips for uploading your
YouTube videos on a consistent basis.

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