How to Build Quality Backlinks

Want to generate more traffic to your website?
Want to increase your rankings in the search engines?
Want to get more sales and/or subscribers?

Build Quality Backlinks to your website is the answer to these 3 questions. Backlinks are seen as votes for your website. The more votes your website receives the more popular your it becomes. All links are not created equal. The number and quality of links pointing to your website will determine its rankings. For example a link from a brand new website carries much less weight than a well-established site. Links from unrelated sites have less value than links from similar sites in your niche.

7 ways to build quality backlinks

1. Create high-quality content

Google’s Panda algorithm change reduced the rankings of thousands of websites because the content was too thin whereas sites containing high-quality content saw a boost in rankings. High-quality content must be unique, well-written, contain no spelling or grammatical errors and be written for your readers. It should not be focused on the latest algorithm changes. High-quality articles automatically attract high quality backlinks.

Read Google’s Guidelines on Building a High Quality Website

2. Article marketing

When writing an article for publication make sure it has a captivating headline and the article body expands on this headline by including tips and solutions the reader can use. The resource box at the end of the article is where you can promote your product and/or service and include a link back to your website. First submit the article to your blog or main website then rewrite and submit it to the top article directories. Ezine publishers and website owners often visit article directories to find content to place in their ezines or on their websites.

3. Major directories

Getting a backlink from Major Directories such as,, Yahoo Business directory will quickly boost your rankings and generate more traffic because they have been in existence for many many years and attract millions of visitors. Even though DMOZ is free it can take a long time for your site to be accepted. Business and Yahoo directories require $299 to get listed.

4. Specialized directories

These are directories related to your niche. For example if your site is about camping equipment it would be appropriate to get backlinks from national and local camping websites. If you own a local business then get listed in your local directories such as Google places, Yahoo local, Bing local.

5. Internal linking

Links from other pages within your blog often carry more weight than links from other websites. Every time you write a new blog post search for related articles then link to them in the anchor text of your content. This not only helps strengthen the overall link popularity of your blog or website but boosts the rankings of each post.

6. Social networking

Use social networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter and YouTube to announce new content to your readers. Make sure you include a link in each location to redirect visitors back to your website. Over time you will build a community of loyal readers that will link to your content and promote it to their friends.

7. Become a guest writer

Blog owners are always looking for new original content to post on their blogs. Look for popular blogs in your niche that get lots of traffic and receive many comments. Offer a well written article for publication. A backlink from a well-established blog will help increase your rankings, traffic plus attract new readers.

The key to building high quality backlinks is to do it frequently and consistently.

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