Autoresponders: How to Build Your List with an Autoresponder

building email list with autoresponders

Bill had been making sales from his website for several years because it consistently ranked on the first page of Google. One day Google changed their ranking formula and his site suddenly lost it’s top ranking. Sales stopped coming in and he could no longer pay his bills.

If he had built a large list of customers he would still have been able to make sales. Autoresponders are one of the best ways to grow, take care and market your list.

How Autoresponders Work

Autoresponders send a sequence of emails automatically to your customers using autoresponder software. Instead of just sending one email send 7 or more emails spaced several days apart. This helps build relationships with your customers and enables you to send them product recommendations from time to time.

How to Build Your List with an Autoresponder

Here are the steps to build your list:

1. Sign up for an autoresponder account

You have a choice of web-based software, desk-top software or an autoresponder script. I recommmend a web-based autoresponder because it’s quick and easy to set up and has a high email deliverability rate.

2. Insert the html code for the opt-in form on your web page

Your autoresponder company will provide the html code to insert into the page.

3. Create a free report

This is to motivate your customer to fill in your opt-in form. Make sure the report contains information that answers your customers questions.

4. Thank you page

This page should thank them for subscribing and include the download link to your report. Let them know they’ll be receiving more tips in the next few days that will help them build their business.

5. Create a series of email messages

Write at least 7 email follow-up messages. These could contain articles, videos or podcasts, etc. Don’t just fill it with fluff (low quality content). “The more you tell the more you sell.” Communicate with power.

If you’re able to write more than 7 messages this will help to build a stronger relationship with your prospects. You never know when they’ll be open to purchasing other products.

6. Space out your autoresponder messages

Schedule your messages to be sent out every 2 to 3 days. If you can do it for more than 7 days the better. Some marketers create a sequence for a whole year.

7. Interact with your list

Ask questions, conduct surveys, etc to interact with your subscribers. Obtaining feedback from them will help you develop future products based on their needs and desires.

8. Create multiple lists

Create different lists for different niches or unrelated products. Have one list for people that already bought your products (buyer’s list) and another for people who haven’t bought anything yet.

If you take good care of your list offering great content and interacting with them, they’ll take good care of you by purchasing your products.

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