How To Comment On YouTube Using The Creator Studio App

Do you want to know how to respond and filter YouTube
comments and messages from your mobile phone?

Do you want get notified on the go when you
receive a comment from one of your videos on YouTube?

The YouTube Creator Studio App allows you to easily manage your youtube channel on the go. You’ll be able to check your latest stats, respond to comments, and receive notifications from anywhere as long as your have your mobile phone on you.

Here’s how to comment on the YouTube Creator Studio App

Watch the video below

  • So here’s the studio app icon
  • You can download this from the app store by clicking the app store icon
  • Then just do a search “youtube creator studio” and here it is.
  • Tap the studio app icon
  • Here’s the dashboard
  • Tap the menu icon
  • Tap comments and here you see all my comments from all the different videos
  • So just tap a comment
  • You can like the comment
  • I can report spam
  • I can delete the comment
  • I can hide the comment and future comments from this person
  • Reply to the comment just tap add or reply..put your comment in there and tap the blue icon

What if you want to moderate comments for a specific video?

  • Tap videos
  • Select the video that you wish to comment on..tap this one
  • Scroll down to the comments
  • Tap view more if you have a lot of comments
  • Tap the comment
  • And here you can like the comment, flag the comment, delete the comment or hide the comment.
  • If you want to add a reply just tap add a reply
  • Tap the blue icon to publish it

How do you turn comment notifications on or off?

  • Tap settings
  • Under notifications you have comments..all
  • Tap the drop down
  • All says get notification for each comment
  • Important..get notifications for important comments
  • None..turn off notifications for all comments
  • If you want to be notified via push notifications move the slider to the right
  • You can also read notifications or reply to comments by tapping the top right of the screen
  • At the top right here you’ve got a notification counter which is currently zero and this shows how many comment notifications you currently have.

What if you want to manage the comments from another channel?

  • To switch channels just tap the drop down icon
  • Select the channel you want to comment on
  • Here’s the dashboard
  • Tap the menu icon
  • Tap comments and here are all your comments
  • Want to check individual videos..tap videos and select the video

Now you know how to comment on your mobile phone
using the YouTube Creator Studio App.

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