How To Contact YouTube Customer Support 2023

Hey YouTube, are you there? 
How come you’re not answering? 

If you’re not a YouTube partner, you won’t be able to contact YouTube support through live chat or email.

So how can you contact YouTube support in 2023 when you have a specific problem with your channel video or want to ask a question? 

In the video below, I show you how to get help from YouTube, even if you’re not a YouTube partner. Later in the video, I’ll show you how to get live chat support or support via email, if you are already a YouTube partner. 

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4 ways to contact YouTube customer support, even if you’re not a YouTube partner. 

YouTube help center
YouTube help video channels
YouTube help community
Team YouTube Twitter handle.

YouTube Help Center
You can access the YouTube help center by going to Alternatively, you can go to and click on the help link in the left hand column.

How to access help from the YouTube homepage

  • Click help in the left hand column. 
    I’ve got popular help resources, delete or restore your photos and videos, Verify YouTube account, get help as YouTube user, replace or delete your video, change language or location, and visit the help forum.
  • If you click Get Help as a YouTube user, it shows you the 4 options. YouTube help center, YouTube help video channels, YouTube help community, Team YouTube Twitter Handle, copyright questions and policy questions.
  • Let’s go to the YouTube help center at Here you can describe your issue. I entered Impersonation, hit enter on the keyboard, and we got the impersonation policy, protecting your identity, how do I get my YouTube account unbanned, Why did my YouTube channel get deleted for no reason. So you’ve got all these particular resources that you can look at. Whatever issue you have, just enter it in the box here.

YouTube Help video channels

  • Check out our YouTube viewers channel for videos that keep you up to date and help you how to learn to use our products.
  • So if I click on that, Here’s the YouTube viewers video channel, so it’s got what’s new and how to, how to cue videos on your mobile device. Get started with YouTube kids, et cetera.
  • If I click on videos, you can see all the latest videos.
  • If I click on shorts, you see also latest shorts.
  • Another official YouTube channel is the Creator Insider YouTube channel. Here you find the most recent how to videos to keep you up to date of the changes on YouTube.  For example, I’ve got the weekly YouTube newsflash, setting up your live shopping stream, stories are going away, introduction to live shopping, the YouTube algorithm, et cetera. If you click on shorts, you’ll be able to see the latest shorts from Creator Insider. .

YouTube Help Community

  • It says, find answers in the YouTube Help Community powered by Team YouTube. This works similar to the YouTube help center where you can describe your issue in the box.
  • YouTube says, posting in this form has been disabled. Over the next several months. YouTube community team is working on improvements.
  • You can check out frequently asked questions, announcements, feature experiments about the contributors program, et cetera.
  • We’ve also got trending posts, can’t access the YouTube notifications on the iOS app, can’t publish or process new uploads, or if it takes longer, users unable to access YouTube. It says the issue should be fixed. We’re still working on a fix, but in the meantime, most issues should be fixed by refreshing YouTube or by restarting the app. 

Team YouTube Twitter Handle.
I highly recommend this option if you’re not a YouTube partner because it gets you the best response. It says, follow us at Team YouTube on Twitter for real time updates, troubleshooting tips from the team that brings YouTube support.

Our support team replies to questions in English, French, German, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, Japanese, and Behasa, whatever that is.

So if you have a specific question and you don’t have access to live chat support because you’re not a YouTube partner, go to team YouTube on Twitter.

If you follow team YouTube, you can ask a question by sending them a tweet. Just click on tweet. Then just enter your question. “How do I remove channels that are impersonating my channel?”  It says, your tweet was sent. Click view and here’s my tweet, and then I’ll wait for their reply. Team

YouTube replied, “we take this kind of stuff very seriously. If you think someone is violating YouTube’s policies for impersonation, follow these steps and we’ll try to get it resolved as soon as possible.” If I click on the link that YouTube sent me, it takes me to this page, “how to report inappropriate videos, channels, and other content on YouTube.” Then I just need to follow the instructions.

Send feedback

  • Just click send feedback in the left hand column. 
  • So it says, describe your feedback. Tell us what prompted this feedback.
  • You can also send a screenshot. After you’ve filled out the form, just click send.

If you’re a member of the YouTube partner program...

You can get in touch with the YouTube creator support team via live chat and email. To be eligible for the YouTube partner program, you must have 1000 subscribers and 4,000 public watch hours in the past 12 months, or 1000 subscribers and 10 million valid public short views in the last 90 days.

How to get live chat support if you’re a YouTube Partner

  • Log in to your YouTube channel,
  • click on your profile icon.
  • Click on YouTube studio.
  • Click on the icon that says, chat with creator Support. It says you’re number 1 in line. Thanks for your patience. My question is, how can I get Impersonators channels removed

    Here are the answers to my conversation.
    Thanks for patiently waiting. Content intended to impersonate a personal channel is not allowed on YouTube. YouTube also enforces trademark holder rights. When a channel or content in the channel causes confusion about the source of goods and services advertised, it may not be allowed. If you feel that your or another creator’s channel is being impersonated, you can report the channel by following the instructions here. And here is the url, how to report a video, Short, channel, et cetera. It says, I hope this helps a lot with your concern. I want to make sure we’ve got everything covered. Have we discussed everything you need to? 

    My answer
    I’ve reported a channel, but it was not removed what to do? 

    YouTube’s answer
    I see. If that’s the case, then it would be best to report the channel again

    My answer 
    Is there anything else I can do besides reporting numerous times? 

    YouTube’s answer
    Unfortunately, this is the best possible way we can provide for you at the knowledge. Other than that, you can always send us feedback with any suggestions you may have so that our engineers may look at it, may implement it in the future.

    If I click on this link, it takes you to Google’s send feedback form where you can report a YouTube issue.

    Here’s how YouTube uses the feedback.
    Your feedback goes directly to YouTube and we use it to troubleshoot issues, make product improvements, and fix problems. Video creators do not see any feedback that are sent through the Send Feedback tool. While we may not reply to every report, we’re reviewing and working to fix issues as fast as we can.

After you’ve entered your live chat conversation, you’ll get this message that says, do you want to end the chat? Just click end chat session. If you want a copy of your conversation with YouTube, just check the box that says Email conversation.

How to get email support.

There are 2 ways to get email creator support.
Help center

How to access email creator support from the help center.

  • Go to and sign in.
  • Scroll down to the bottom of the page where it says, need more help.
  • Click contact us
  • Enter what you need help with in the box.
  • Click next.
  • It says, choose the best description of your issue.
  • I’m going to check other. Click next step. It gives me a bunch of resources that I can look into, such as the impersonation policy, get in touch with YouTube creator support team, protecting your identity, defamation, report inappropriate videos, channels, and other content.
  • Click next step. I can select the chat option, or I can select email.
  • Click email.
  • Just fill out your name, your channel url, how YouTube can help you.
  • Is your issue about a specific video? No.
  • Is this request for verification? No.
  • Please attach a file if it helps describe your issue
  • Click “submit”. It says “your email has been sent. Thank you for submitting your request. A member of our team will be in touch soon.”

How to access email creator support from the help center.

  • Log in to your YouTube channel.
  • Click on your profile picture.
  • Click help.
  • Click contact us.
  • Then just follow the prompts.

That’s all there is to it.

If you want to chat live with the YouTube Creator support Team. Just choose the live chat option.

Now you know all the ways that you can contact the YouTube customer support team.

What if someone’s impersonating your channel and stealing your videos? 
Watch this video on how to report a YouTube channel for impersonation and submit a copyright takedown request

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