How to Create 7 Highly Effective Autoresponder Messages

It’s a fact that a prospect needs to be reminded 7 times before they’ll purchase your product. Autoresponders make this easy because you can set them up to deliver these messages on autopilot.

When a person reads your sales letter they tend to skim it instead of reading it word for word. They might read and understand the first point you’re making then tune out until the fifth message. It’s easy for a prospect to completely miss the main points of your sales letter which prevents them from buying your product.

How to Create 7 Highly Effective Autoresponder Messages

One of the most effective methods of selling a product is to simply repeat your main sales message several times. Instead of saying exactly the same thing try to say it in different ways.

Here’s an example of how to use the 7 message formula to promote a traffic generation ebook.

Message 1
If you don’t drive traffic to your website it will join millions of other dead sites on the net. You need to employ traffic strategies so people can buy your products.

Message 2
Give more details how and why generating traffic is essential to the success of your online business. Give examples of what happens to online businesses that failed due to lack of traffic.

Message 3
Recap what happens if you don’t get website traffic. Provide a few details about your product and how it will benefit them.

Message 4
You don’t have to worry about getting traffic to your website if you get this ebook.
Here’s some of the methods included in the ebook.
Here’s one method how to get traffic
Here’s the best place where to use it.

Message 5
Here’s another method to drive traffic to your website and how to use it effectively.
Here’s what happy customers say about it. Tell a story how this product dramatically increased sales for a customer.

Message 6
Repeat the main points mentioned in the previous steps and emphasize the main benefits of your product.

This reminder is is especially important for prospects who never read your earlier messages.

Message 7
This is your final follow-up message. It’s purpose is to capture all the people who weren’t ready to buy in the beginning, but may now be ready to purchase your product.

Say something like “For the past few weeks I’ve been sending you valuable information about how to drive traffic to your website. I know you are a busy person and haven’t had time to think about how this traffic generation ebook could increase your sales.” At this point review your main points again.

Repeating your message is the key to success because busy prospects need time for your message to capture their attention and take action. Find creative ways to write your autoresponder messages then send them out every few days.

Your sales page may make a few sales in the beginning but writing 7 highly effective follow-up emails will increase your sales dramatically.

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