How To Create A Playlist On YouTube To Generate More Traffic, Views & Engagement

One of the easiest ways to attract more YouTube search traffic
is to arrange your videos into playlists.

If you have several videos on a specific topic, then organize them into tightly themed playlists. Your viewers can then watch a series of videos if they wish to learn more. This increases engagement and improves watch time which is one of the biggest ranking factors on YouTube.

Here’s how to create a playlist on YouTube & generate more traffic..

Watch the video below…


  • Go to your YouTube channel
  • Click on your profile icon
  • Click creator studio
  • Over here on the left you’ve got video manager
  • You’ll see all your playlists if you’ve created a few..I’ve got 26 playlists
  • Click new playlist
  • Give it a title..I’m going to call mine “how to make a playlist on youtube”
  • Set this to public, unlisted or
    I’m going to set it for private for now
  • Click create
  • So I’ve got the title “how to make a playlist on youtube”
  • I’ve got no videos, no views and it’s updated today
  • So I can add a description so I’ll just add my title in here at the moment
  • Make sure you use keywords in your title and description
    so your videos can be found in the search engines
  • Also I’ve got playlist settings here
  • So I can put it to private or change it here from private to public
  • And I can rearrange this here..most popular, date added,
    published..newest and oldest
  • And I also have these additional options..set as official series for this playlist…so here it says “use this setting for sets of videos uploaded to your channel as part of an official series. A video cannot appear in more than one series playlist. YouTube may use this information to modify how the videos are presented or discovered.”
  • So if you’re going to put your videos in more
    than one playlist leave this unchecked
  • Here you can allow embedding or not allow embedding
  • And here you can add videos to top of playlist..manually
  • So here I’m going to click save
  • Now I am going to add a video so click “add videos”
  • Here I can do a video if I want to do say “video playlists”
  • Click “search”
  • It will search YouTube for playlists
  • Here I’ve got all my videos on YouTube..about playlists I can add to my own playlists. I won’t do that for now but I can also add a URL..I’m going to choose this video I made a couple of years ago.
  • So I’m going to put that URL in here
  • Just click “add videos” and now I’ve got a video added to my playlist
  • I can do a video search, I can do a URL..add URL in here..and if I just want to look for my own YouTube videos I can go here
  • And it brings up my own videos so let’s say I want to choose this one
  • I pick this one also
  • Click “add videos”
  • And here I’ve got a number of them in my playlist
  • If I want to edit my title I just go up to this pencil icon
  • And if I want to delete my playlist just go to this icon here
  • It says “delete playlist”….”add all to playlist”…”translate playlist info”
  • If you want to rearrange the videos in your playlist, just hover over this ‘more ” icon
  • Click the drop down..move this to the top
  • Make some notes to that video
  • I can also set this playlist as a here is the thumbnail
  • And that’s the way to rearrange the videos on your playlist

When you share your playlist the first video will begin playing and on the right here you’ll see all the other videos in the playlist so they can continue watching more of your videos.

This will improve your engagement, generate more traffic and get more views.

Here’s a valuable tip regarding YouTube playlists…
Create different playlists on your channel for different themes of your videos. It will help organize the content on your channel, improve engagement and generate more views.

Now you know how to create a a playlist on your
YouTube channel to get more views and engagement

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